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Last week during the Thursday morning commute, a multi-car accident left
one person dead and two others seriously injured. The intersection of
Troy Avenue and Shelby Street was closed for several hours while rescue
personnel and investigators worked on the scene.

Although the investigation is ongoing, witnesses say a Cadillac SUV was
speeding down Shelby Street when the vehicle ran a red light and crashed
into a van traveling west on Troy Avenue. The van was crossing the intersection
on a green light when the accident occurred. The occupants of the van
were not seriously injured, but all three occupants of the SUV were ejected
from the vehicle upon impact. One man was pronounced dead at the scene
while two others were taken to
Eskenazi Hospital in critical condition.

Witness statements indicate all three people in the SUV appeared to be
distracted by an electronic device just before the collision happened.
The initial investigation showed no obvious signs of either driver being
under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but both drivers will be tested
for illegal substances.

Distractions and Speed: A Deadly Combination

As we’ve discussed before, distracted driving is incredibly dangerous
and results in many injuries and death every single day. Most people don’t
fully grasp the danger because they don’t consider how far their
vehicle moves in just a few distracted seconds. If a driver is speeding,
the danger is increased substantially for two reasons.

Clearly, the higher the rate of speed, the further the vehicle travels
over the period of seconds while a driver is distracted. In addition,
speeding has its own risks, making it more difficult for drivers to accurately
perceive dangerous obstacles or other vehicles. Drivers who are speeding
are also much more likely to have difficulty stopping in time to avoid
an accident.

Distracted drivers are everywhere these days, and the number of accidents
caused by electronic or other distractions is on the rise. If someone
is injured in an accident where the driver of either vehicle was distracted,
it is very possible the distracted driver could be held liable. Particularly
if there are other impactful variables, such as speeding or driving too
fast for conditions, injuries may be severe and require substantial medical
care and rehabilitation.

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