• Slow driving can be dangerous and lead to real traffic problems and contribute
    to accidents, especially if driving in the left lane.
  • If a left lane driver is operating at a speed lower than most traffic,
    faster drivers then have to slow down and drive more erratically.
  • Slow drivers also significantly raise drivers’ stress and can result
    in combative or aggressive driving and even instances of road rage which
    often triggers tailgating accidents.
  • In 2015, Indiana changed the pace for slow drivers when a law was passed
    requiring slower vehicles to stay out of the left lane or face the possibility
    of being ticketed.

Slow Drivers Trigger Aggressive Drivers

Slow driving actually presents a number of transportation issues and safety
hazards. People who drive more than 10 mph under the speed limit force
other drivers to pass them which can create a higher risk of accidents
occurring for surrounding drivers. These types of traffic problems can
result from a surprisingly small number of slow cars blocking traffic.
Additionally, in more residential areas, slow driving can cause chain
reactions of rapid braking which can lead to accidents and pile-ups. When
drivers are traveling under the speed limit, it also significantly raises
other drivers’ stress and can result in aggressive driving situations
or even road rage.

Aggressive drivers will often tailgate a slow driver intentionally, out
of anger or frustration. Tailgating creates increased risk of a rear-end
collision, which is almost always most serious for the unsuspecting driver
whose vehicle is rear-ended. And by the time a driver is intentionally
tailgating another driver, we’ve likely crossed the line from aggressive
driving into road rage territory. Road rage results in aggressive actions
taken toward another driver, usually in anger and with the goal of frightening
or intimidating the other person. In fact, AAA reports nearly 6 million
drivers in the United States are likely to bump or ram your vehicle if
angry on the road. Whether one is yelling at another driving, honking
repeatedly to show frustration, gesturing angrily, or bumping other cars,
it’s obvious that their attention is not focused on the road.

Left Lane Driving Laws

Indiana has cracked down on left lane drivers. In 2015, the state aimed
for a change of pace when the legislature passed a law requiring slower
vehicles to stay out of the left lane or face the possibility of being
ticketed. The law focuses on keeping slower drivers from holding up lines
of traffic with hopes to ultimately ease congestion on the highway. In
addition, police do have discretion to pull over drivers they feel are
creating a safety hazard. Other states have passed similar laws which
target slow driving.

Please take the time to break the terrible habit of traveling in the left
lane or driving too slowly for the flow of traffic, and
share our message with your friends and family. It could save a life.

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