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One man died on Monday after a semi-truck hit a motorcyclist on the south
side. The accident occurred a little before 6 p.m. on West Thompson Road
near the Flying J parking lot. Though the investigation is ongoing, initial
evidence indicates the motorcycle’s driver may have been attempting
to pass the semi near the point of the road where two lanes merge into
one. The truck driver was turning into the parking lot of the Flying J
Truck Stop. It is believed that problems with vehicle visibility may have
played a role in the crash.

Both vehicles were traveling in the same direction when the semi made a
right turn into the parking lot. It appears the motorcyclist was unable
to stop and ran into the trailer of the semi-truck. The 22-year-old man
was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Vehicle Visibility Can Play a Key Role in Semi Accidents

This particular accident highlights a perfect storm of sorts. Drivers of
other involved vehicles that hit motorcycles often claim they did not
see the motorcycle at all or until it was too late to avoid the collision.
It’s a common claim because of the size of motorcycles as compared
to other automobiles. Despite their presence on roads throughout Indiana
and the United States, other drivers often are not alert for the presence
of motorcycles on the roadway.

Vehicle visibility also plays a major role in many semi accidents. We’ve
all been told if we can’t see the semi’s side mirrors, the
driver of the semi can’t see us. With these long eighteen-wheelers,
it can be
difficult for a driver to see another vehicle driving behind them. When that vehicle is a small motorcycle, the difficulty
may be even more pronounced.

Indeed, in the south side accident on Monday evening, the truck driver
says he did not see the motorcyclist. In fact, he says he had no idea
he had hit the man until he was in the parking lot and had turned his
vehicle around.

In addition, the semi-truck, like all tractor-trailers, would have made
a wide right turn. Especially in a narrowing road space, the semi could
have easily blocked the full road during its turn. If the motorcyclist
was increasing speed in order to pass the truck as is thought, the timing
of that burst of speed combined with the turning of the truck may have
left the driver little to no space to maneuver out of the collision.

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