Victims of sexual assault often feel like they have no power to set things
right and seek justice. Most of the time, this understandable feeling
of helplessness stems from the fact that their abusers are generally in
a position of power. In recent news, clergy members, gymnastic coaches,
physicians, and even daycare providers have all been implicated in cases
of sexual assault and abuse.

Here at Wagner Reese, we are serious about doing whatever we can to hold
sexual abusers and institutions that shield them accountable. Our injury
attorneys in Indiana proudly give a voice to those who cannot find their
own. Ever since our founding in 1997, we have stood up for the wrongfully
injured, including sexual abuse survivors.

By bringing forth claims for sexual abuse against perpetrators, we hope
to stop future attacks and incidents by setting a clear precedent that
says we will not forgive or forget. For you, a survivor of sexual assault,
we hope our representation can help bring you financial stability for
damages suffered from the abuse.

Damages that you might cite in your sexual abuse claim include:

  • Medical treatment, such as after a violent sexual assault.
  • Cost of therapy for emotional trauma.
  • Lost wages caused by difficulty with social situations and trusting others.
  • Noneconomic damages for lessened enjoyment of life and trauma.

We also want to help you find closure through knowing that justice has
finally been delivered. In Indiana, there may be a statute of limitations
that applies to your claim. If the statute expires, then you might not
be able to file a claim at all.

For a childhood victim of sexual abuse under the age of 18, the statute may be:

  • 7 years after you turn 18
  • 7 years after you first experience the harm of the abuse
  • 4 years after you ended your dependency or relationship on the abuser

Adult sexual abuse survivors generally have 2 years to file a claim after
being assaulted. The varying details from one case to another can also
change the statute of limitations, though. Your own claim may have a longer
or shorter statute. It is always best to speak with an experienced attorney
sooner than later to discover your options and discuss how you can start
to seek justice, just like you deserve.

Come to Wagner Reese to work with a team of compassionate injury lawyers
who take pride in bringing sexual abusers to justice. All of our initial
consultations are completely
and entirely
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