There are few motor vehicle accidents as devastating as
pedestrian accidents, which are far more likely to result in fatalities than the average car
crash. In one tragic recent example, a
pregnant woman in Indianapolis was killed after being struck by an IMPD officer.

According to news reports, Officer Jonathan Henderson – a veteran
of the local police department – struck 23-year-old Ashlynn Lisby
with his car at around 9:45 pm May 6th near the entrance ramp to I-465
on South Harding Street. Although Officer Henderson attempted to provide
first aid and called for backup from the IMPD, Ashlynn was critically
injured, and both she and her unborn child were pronounced dead later
that night. At this time, it’s unknown exactly what caused the crash.

At Wagner Reese, our hearts go out to Ashlynn’s family and loved
ones in the wake of this horrific accident. Although the coronavirus pandemic
has reduced traffic levels across the nation, early reports suggest that
traffic and pedestrian fatalities have either stayed the same or
increased due to reckless driving – and we are saddened to learn that this crisis may have led to
more senseless deaths.

In 2019, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) reported the
highest level of pedestrian fatalities in over thirty years, with at least 6,227 pedestrians killed in motor crashes. Most experts agree that the rise in pedestrian crashes is directly linked to
distracted driving with smartphones. When you combine that with the recent uptick in reckless
driving and speeding on open roads, its little wonder that officials are growing concerned about pedestrian fatalities.

While not all pedestrian accidents are avoidable, pedestrians should be
even more careful right now given the COVID-19 pandemic. Our attorneys
are here to help families file civil claims when they need compensation
for losses, but we urge everyone to exercise caution and stay alert when
walking along city roads: It could ultimately save your life.

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