The Centers for Disease Control performed a
National Health Interview Study from 2011–2014. It showed that, “an average of 15.6 million
medically attended injury episodes were reported annually among employed
persons aged more than 13 years. Nearly half of these injury episodes
resulted in time lost from work showing 7% for less than 1 day, 26% for
1–5 days, and 15% for more than 6 days. An average of 9.4 million
medically attended injury episodes were reported annually among persons
aged 5 years or older who attended school. More than one third of these
injury episodes resulted in time lost from school: 9% for less than 1
day, 25% for 1–5 days, and 3% for more than 6 days.”

Source: QuickStats: Percentage of Medically Attended Injury Episodes That
Resulted in Time Lost from Work or School, by Number of Days Lost —
National Health Interview Survey, United States, 2011–2014. MMWR
Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2016;65:683. DOI:

Time Lost May Earn You a Settlement

If a personal injury caused by someone else has resulted in time lost from
work or school (or other damages like accrued medical costs, pain and
suffering, etc), a person may be able to
make a claim against that person or business and their insurance company.

Lost income damages, includes both money lost from the employment you held
when injured, and reimbursement for all work opportunities you missed
due to the accident and its effects. The right to be reimbursed for time
lost from work is applicable whether you have a full-time or part-time
job, temporary employment, an hourly wage or weekly or monthly salary,
or are self-employed. You will need to document your lost income by demonstrating
how much work you missed, and also show how much you might have earned
during that time. Having evidence from employers, clients and income tax
returns will be necessary.

You will need evidence from your school if time away from your education
was lost from an accident as well. For example, college aged students
may find it difficult to attend scheduled classes or study for upcoming
tests and participate in campus life after suffering a personal injury.
They risk lowering their GPA, missing out on internship opportunities,
or losing the money they paid for their coursework as well.

And remember, as with all
personal injury cases, the type of accident and the cause of the accident will affect whether
compensation will be claimed.

Time lost can be an area where an experienced personal injury attorney
is recommended in order to help you increase the odds that you recover
the appropriate amount of compensation. At
Wagner Reese, we understand personal injury law and can help you understand and maximize
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