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Reckless driving is dangerous. Anytime, anywhere.

But in the winter, on ice- and snow-slickened roadways, in a residential
neighborhood, it can be downright deadly.

Excessive speed is thought to be a factor in an accident on January 3,
2017 that claimed the life of a pedestrian and sent two other people to
the hospital. Their names have not yet been released.

It was a quiet morning in the residential neighborhood on the southeast
side of the city, not far from the intersection of Rural Street and 10th Street.

That’s when police say the silence was shattered by the roar of an
engine traveling at high speed. Moments later the driver would lose control
of the vehicle.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department reports that the unidentified
driver was behind the wheel of a gold-colored sport-utility vehicle as
it traveled along Brookside Parkway South Drive around 6:55 a.m.

Investigators believe the vehicle was traveling at excessive speeds when
the motorist then veered off the roadway near North Tacoma Avenue. The
SUV struck an unidentified male who was on foot along the sidewalk.

Witnesses say the SUV then ran over two lawns, leaving muddy tire tracks
behind, and spun out before coming to rest close to a nearby residence,
home to a family of four. The vehicle nearly struck the structure.

It is unclear who placed a call to 911, but paramedics soon arrived and
took the pedestrian to a nearby hospital but doctors were unable to save him.

The man’s name and age have not been released, and it’s unclear
whether he lived in the neighborhood. But he was an innocent bystander
to the negligence going on around him.

First responders arrived to find two male occupants of the wrecked SUV.
Firefighters were called in to free them from the twisted metal.

Both were transported to Eskenazi Hospital and Methodist Hospital for treatment.
One reportedly suffered two broken legs and the other sustained injuries
to the head.

No word yet on whether the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol
at the time of the crash. According to standard procedure, a blood sample
was obtained from the driver, but toxicology results can take several weeks.

Police could not say whether he was racing to work or school, taking a
shortcut or showing off. But the incident demonstrates the danger of ignoring
posted speed limits or traffic signals.

Investigators have not announced charges against the driver at this time.
Reckless driving is broadly considered willful or wanton disregard for
the safety of people or property. It is considered among the more serious
traffic offenses in Indiana.

Those who drive at excessive speeds, drive unsafely for whether and road
conditions, or display aggressiveness behind the wheel endanger us all.
Especially as wicked winter weather descends on the Midwest, it’s
important that motorist slow down and allow extra time to reach their

It takes just a matter of seconds for a daily commute to turn deadly.

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