Multiple Indiana Police Chase Ends in Traffic Deaths


Two separate incidents occurred this month in Indiana where lives were
lost when vehicles fleeing police caused car wrecks and the deaths of
four people. At Wagner Reese, we are so saddened to hear of car accidents
caused by the senseless choices of others. We send condolences to the
families of those lost.


Indiana State Police released a statement this week saying a vehicle chase
from East Chicago was headed towards northwest Indiana in Hammond when
the driver of the fleeing vehicle struck and killed a 13-year-old Whiting
girl, Julianna Chambers, while traveling with her grandmother in another vehicle.

State police say, “The SUV ran a red light and hit an SUV driven
by Chambers’ grandmother.” It was hit with such force that
Chambers died from a blunt force trauma, according to the coroner’s
release. Her 57-year-old grandmother, Theresa Paramo, was taken to a local
hospital in critical condition.

The chase began when East Chicago police chased the fleeing vehicle’s
driver, a 31-year-old Highland man and his female passenger. The two were
fleeing and driving recklessly after attempting to steal a case of beer
from a store on Indianapolis Blvd.


In Anderson, police reported that three people had lost their lives in
a deadly crash as the result of a head-on collision between a robbery
suspect fleeing police and another vehicle. Police say the suspect was
driving a mini-van and pulled into oncoming traffic and collided into
the path of a car carrying four members of a family.

Sadly, 53-year-old Daniel Oberhart of Noblesville and his 24-year-old son,
Riley both passed as a result of the collision. Two others, including
an older woman and teenage girl, were treated at a hospital for serious injuries.


Every day, at least two people lose their lives in Indiana as a result
of car accidents. Most of these accidents are the result of negligent
or reckless driving. Dangerous and deadly crashes happen too often even
though they are avoidable. Car accidents remain to be one of the most
widespread causes of death in Indiana and across the nation. Each year,
more than 800 people lose their lives on Hoosier roadways. In addition
to fatalities, there are thousands of serious injuries that change the
lives of crash victims every year.

Our Indianapolis car accident lawyers have been handling cases for our
clients involved in motor vehicle accidents that result in injuries and
deaths throughout the state of Indiana. Because of our experience, the
injury lawyers at Wagner Reese know that these accidents, while mostly
preventable, can, unfortunately, happen to anyone, anytime.

If your loved one was involved in a traffic fatality as the result of the
poor decisions of a reckless driver, the attorneys at Wagner Reese can
assist you in pursuing the compensation your family deserves. There is
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