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It was late afternoon on Monday, when a Ford Taurus heading east on 38th street crashed into three other vehicles stopped at a light. The collision
occurred at the intersection of 38th Street and Central Avenue around 4:15 p.m. The driver of the Taurus was
seriously injured and taken to IU Health Methodist Hospital after hitting
the three other vehicles and then a light pole.

One of the other involved vehicles was a 15-passenger van full of children
returning from a day trip. The children are participants in the summer
program run by the Edna Martin Christian Center. Five children, ranging
in age from 7 to 14, were injured in the accident and taken to Riley Hospital
for Children. There is no indication of the cause of the accident as of
yet, but we are following this ongoing investigation for updates.

15-Passenger Vans Have Increased Risk of Rollover

It is fortunate indeed that in this accident, the passenger van was at
low risk of a rollover. Rollover crashes account for 30-40% of all passenger
vehicle deaths, and 15-passenger vans, especially when heavily loaded,
are more than twice as likely to roll over in an accident. Rollover accidents
involving 15-passenger vans can be particularly dangerous, as the large
vans are often used to transport groups of children, such as with church
groups, school field trips, or sport teams.

There is a higher risk of children not being properly secured in car safety
restraints in these kinds of large vans, creating an even greater chance
of serious injury in the case of a rollover accident. In general, nearly
75% of those killed in rollovers were not wearing seat belts or other
required restraints. A full two-thirds of fatalities occur when unrestrained
riders or drivers are ejected from the vehicle.

Special Considerations When Traveling in Large Vans

According to the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rollover accidents are the MOST likely type of accident to cause fatalities.
In the crash discussed above, the van was unlikely to roll over for a
couple of reasons. The van was stopped and had no momentum moving it in
any direction. Also, the van carrying the children was rear-ended as opposed
to being struck on its side, which would have increased the odds of rollover.

Since we can’t choose the kind of accident we’re involved in,
it’s important for those who drive 15-passenger vans to be aware
of the additional risks. Following key safety steps can reduce the odds
of serious injury or death in the case of a crash involving a large van:

  • Ensure passengers are wearing seatbelts or are buckled into required car
    safety restraints. Repeat this check periodically, as people are likely
    to remove restraints or wear them improperly in order to increase comfort
    on long rides.
  • Avoid overloading the vehicles. Fully loaded and overloaded vehicles are
    much more likely to roll over than are lightly loaded vans.
  • Minimize distractions to the drivers. Especially when transporting teenagers
    or young adults, there can be many distractions to the driver. This can
    be dangerous.

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