A Megabus carrying passengers crashed into the back of semi-truck on Sunday
night. It was nearly 8 p.m. when the Megabus accident occurred on I-65
near State Road 28. The passengers on the bus reported that traffic was
slowed around their vehicle, but the bus continued to move faster than
traffic. Concerned passengers noticed the bus was heading for the back
of a slowed semi, and warned the bus driver to slow down. Unfortunately,
an accident was unavoidable by that time.

It is not completely clear why traffic was slowed at the location, but the
Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office noted a fire on a semi-truck in Thorntown earlier in the evening. They
did not rule out another incident as a possible cause for the traffic
slowdown. The initial investigation shows that drugs or alcohol are unlikely
to be a cause of the crash.

Shaken passengers were left covered in broken glass and feeling pain. Though
no one left the Megabus accident to go immediately to the hospital, we
are concerned about people who may have experienced injuries that did
not present in their full severity right away. It is not uncommon for
vehicle accidents, especially rear-end crashes, to result in whiplash,
concussion, strained muscles, and even brain injury which are not obvious
initially. These kinds of injuries have symptoms that grow infinitely
more impactful and painful over a matter of days after an accident.

It is concerning to us that a professional bus driver for Megabus would
lack the caution necessary in slowed traffic. Continuing at a rate of
speed higher than that of the traffic around the bus posed a serious danger
to the passengers on the bus, as well as the people in the vehicles around
the Megabus. This is not the first time a Megabus has been involved in
an accident resulting in passenger injury.

If you were involved in the Megabus accident on Sunday, we encourage you
to seek medical help, even if your symptoms seem mild right now. An undiagnosed
brain injury, no matter how minor, can impact your life significantly
if you continue about your daily life without treatment and rest. If you
were injured in the Megabus accident, we would like to speak with you
about your legal options. Call us today at (888) 204-8440.