Undergoing a surgical procedure is one of the scariest things a person can face. Surgery is frequently a necessary form of treatment, and may be a patient’s only option for improving their health. Patients who enter surgery may stay positive by looking forward to the better condition they will experience after the surgery.

Sadly, this optimism may be misplaced if a patient is under the care of a negligent doctor. If a doctor commits a surgical error, their oversight disrupts the wellbeing of an already sickly person.

A victim of surgical error may require additional surgery or long-term physical therapy to treat an aggravated condition or a new, resulting ailment. In fatal cases, a victim may never recover from a doctor’s negligence, leaving their family with a void. The Indianapolis surgical error lawyers of Wagner Reese can help you recover the answers you’re missing, and the compensation you deserve.

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Common Surgical Errors

Surgery is arguably the most complex form of medical treatment a doctor can administer. Doing so successfully involves a balance of in-depth knowledge, motor coordination, and under-pressure efficacy that only some people possess.

The intricate web of elements in place during surgery requires complete control. Without a handle on each aspect of the procedure, a surgeon can cause further injury or illness.

The most frequent examples of surgical errors include:

  • Misdiagnoses
  • Unnecessary surgery
  • Operating on the incorrect part of the body
  • Sanitation issues
  • Delays
  • Premature release from the hospital
  • Using the wrong tools
  • Leaving tools in a person’s body

The Impact of Negligence in a Surgical Setting

Within the delicate balance of a surgical procedure, any degree of oversight can cause extensive damage. Patients are completely vulnerable, and their vulnerability during surgery can result in a wide variety of potential outcomes. A victim of a surgical error may suffer from issues such as infections, lacerations, or nerve damage. The victim’s condition may require additional surgery, medication, or therapy to treat.

Why Do Surgical Errors Happen?

Although many surgical errors can be attributed to an individual doctor’s negligence, there are other factors that may be the root of their mistake. In these instances, it is possible that other parties could be liable for damages. For example, the negligence of a medical professional could be the result of systemic issues in a hospital, such as insufficient funding or inadequate procedures.

Surgical errors can be the result of:

  • Overworked employees
  • Insufficient staffing
  • Lack of resources
  • Miscommunication
  • Negligent hiring and training practices

How Surgical Errors are Proven

To determine if your injuries were the result of medical malpractice during surgery, our surgical error lawyers in Indianapolis will evaluate the condition you underwent surgery for, identify the typical surgery procedures that are used to address that condition, and compare that to the surgery you were subjected to. Then, we can begin investigating who is at fault and pursue compensation on your behalf.

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The days leading up to surgery are fraught with emotional distress and financial hassles. A surgical error adds to the mental and economic stress of a patient and their family. At Wagner Reese, our lawyers work to recover the compensation your family deserves, and make the process as worry-free as possible. Your family should focus on repair, while we handle the legal procedures and protect your rights.

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