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When you’re treated by a doctor or other healthcare professional, you trust them to provide you with compassionate, effective, and safe care. But that doesn’t always happen. Every year, as many as 250,000 people die in the U.S. because of medical mistakes, and countless more are seriously injured.

Medical malpractice is always devastating, but it can be unfathomably difficult when it harms an infant. Unfortunately, negligence is one of the most common causes of birth injuries. Doctors and other delivery specialists can make mistakes before, during, and after delivery that can cause babies to suffer severe complications that result in lifelong disability and even death.

Lauran Experienced Every Mother’s Worst Nightmare\

Lauran reached out to Wagner Reese after her newborn daughter Kennedy suffered a brain injury due to negligence. Kennedy experienced fetal distress while Lauran was in labor, and she required an immediate C-section delivery. However, Lauran’s delivery team didn’t order the procedure right away. Instead, Lauran was forced to wait while Kennedy’s health and brain injury worsened.

Every parent wants nothing more than for their child to be happy and healthy. But the safety of children can be jeopardized when medical professionals fail to take the proper precautions. A single mistake due to negligence can result in a lifetime of struggle for an infant and their family.

Negligent Medical Decisions Can Have Devastating Consequences

When Kennedy was finally delivered via C-section, Lauran immediately knew something was wrong. Her daughter didn’t cry, and she was unable to hold Kennedy during her first minutes of life. Kennedy was ultimately diagnosed with a brain injury and will need medical attention for the rest of her life.

Now, Lauran and Kennedy face a lifetime of specialist visits and care—all for an injury that could have been prevented. Because of the preventable nature of her daughter’s injury, Lauran knew she needed help, and that’s when she reached out to Wagner Reese.

We’re Here to Help Medical Malpractice Victims throughout Indiana

Medical malpractice can happen to anyone when undergoing medical assistance or care. And when it happens, it’s important to have an experienced legal team on your side that can protect your rights and help you get the compensation you’re owed.

When Lauran called our firm, founding partner Jason Reese took on her case. Jason compassionately and aggressively builds and represents medical malpractice claims for people like Lauran and Kennedy, and it’s his goal to help victims get every penny they’re entitled to receive.

If you or someone you love was harmed by medical malpractice, you need an experienced legal advocate on your side, and the Indiana medical malpractice attorneys at Wagner Reese are here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.