FDA Widens Valsartan Recall Due to Cancer Risk

A drug recall is often seen as an effective way to protect the public from
potentially harmful products; but what happens when the damage has already
been done?
Attorneys at Wagner Reese are investigating the FDA’s recent recall of certain blood pressure
medications containing Valsartan, the generic form of Diovan, due to the
risk of a cancer-causing impurity. The FDA recall comes after 22 other
countries issued recalls for these drugs.

The specific products initially identified by the FDA in their July 18,
2018 press release included valsartan-containing medications from Major
Pharmaceuticals, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and Solco Healthcare LLC. The recalled
product list was recently expanded to include products from several additional
companies not previously named, including Actavis, AvKARE, Remedy Repack,
A-S Medication Solutions LLC, Bryant Ranch Prepack, Inc., HJ Harkins Company
Inc. dba Pharma Pac, Proficient Rx LP, Northwind Pharmaceuticals, Camber
Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and NuCare Pharmaceuticals Inc. Follow
this link for the full FDA list of recalled drugs.

In addition to the list of recalled drugs, the FDA has also provided a
list of Valsartan products that are
not currently under recall. It is important to continue checking the FDA website
as their investigation continues and the list of recalled products is updated.

My blood pressure medication has been recalled – what do I do?

Begin by looking at the prescription bottle to determine if the drug name
and company name match the list of drugs recalled by the FDA, linked in
the paragraph above. Not all valsartan containing products are being recalled
at this time, as not all drugs may contain the NDMA impurity that could
put users at an increased cancer risk.

Most importantly, talk with your prescribing doctor if you have concerns.
Valsartan alternatives are available, and it is crucial that patients
speak with their physicians before discontinuing any medications. This
is especially true for valsartan containing medications, which treat serious
conditions such as heart failure and high blood pressure. Abruptly stopping
these products could cause patients serious harm.

Many pharmacies are sending out letters to notify those affected by the
recall. We recommend saving any recall notice letters that you or loved
ones receive, as well as any medication or bottles in your possession
that are subject to the recall.

Know your rights

Wagner Reese attorneys are investigating the Valsartan recall and are representing
dozens of clients affected by the recalled medication. Contact our office
at (888) 204-8440 for a free consultation if you or a loved one may
have been negatively affected by Valsartan medication.