Jury Awards $30 Million Finding That Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Powder Contains Asbestos

On March 13, 2019 a jury awarded $30 million dollars to a California woman suffering from a rare cancer, mesothelioma. In finding for the woman, the jury determined that Johnson and Johnson’s (“J&J”) baby powder contained cancer-causing asbestos.

During the course of the trial, the jury was told that J&J knew that its baby powder contained asbestos, but refused to pull it from the shelves or warn innocent consumers. Instead, J&J allowed the product to be sold ensuring that a carcinogen would be used by unsuspecting consumers including parents and their babies.

This result is part of wave of lawsuits currently pending against J&J nationwide involving its flagship product, baby powder. Multiple juries across multiple jurisdictions have found for plaintiffs in similar lawsuits against J&J and awarded billions of damages. Last year, J&J was hit with a $4.69 billion verdict on claims that its baby powder gave ovarian cancer to 22 women.

Wagner Reese partner Jeff Gibson is a leader in this litigation, and currently serves on a Steering Committee for the litigation involving thousands of women that were victims of J&J’s cancer causing baby powder. If you or a loved one have used J&J baby powder and developed mesothelioma or ovarian cancer, please contact Jeff Gibson at 317-543-7600 or online at jgibson@wagnerreese.com.