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  • According to AAA, distracted driving claims more than 3,500 lives each
    year because motor vehicle operators who take their eyes off the road
    for more than two seconds double their risk of a crash and killing themselves
    or others.
  • As major carmakers attempt to add safe technologies to new vehicles aimed
    to create less accident risks, researchers say some systems, such as dashboard
    touchscreens and digital infotainment features are actually contributing
    to the distracted driving epidemic.
  • Surprisingly, some of the worst-performing built-in systems are offered
    by high-end automakers like BMW, Range Rover, and Mercedes.
  • Distracted driving remains a major culprit behind motor vehicle crashes
    including thousands of Indiana accidents every year, some fatal. Law enforcement
    officials agree, if the distracted driving trend continues it will surpass
    deaths from DUI in the next two years.

Researchers Says Some In-Vehicle Technology Systems Create Driver Distraction

AAA researchers have released a new study showcasing the connection and
impact of new technologies such as vehicle infotainment systems on
distracted driving. The auto safety group rallied 75 drivers to test the systems in 10 new
2017 and 2018 vehicles and concluded that using systems while driving
is just not a safe choice to make. Shocking to most was that some systems
with already built-in dashboard information systems in most new vehicles
made by BMW, Range Rover, and Mercedes could actually create more distractions
for drivers.

According to the AAA study, it takes longer to make a phone call with a
dashboard touchscreen system than it should, and longer to get driving
directions than using apps such as Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto.

  • Apps send information from a user’s phone or mobile device to their
    car’s dashboard information systems and are less distracting for
    drivers than other systems now on the market.
  • Making a hands-free call with the apps is at least 20 percent less distracting
    than using built-in systems.

Though researchers were quick to say that while these types of apps are
easier to use than built-in systems, they are still distracting enough
to keep drivers from operating a motor vehicle safely. In addition, it
is recommended that dashboard information systems and other in-vehicle
technologies should not be used to perform complex tasks while driving.

Distracted Driving Continues to Kill

We feel the last thing drivers should be doing is spending time messing
with new technologies while behind the wheel, especially since distracted
driving remains a major culprit behind most preventable crashes and thousands
of Indiana car accidents each year. In fact, taking a driver’s eyes
off the road for an average of five seconds, enough time to run a traffic
light or not see a pedestrian crossing the road can create fatal outcomes.
In fact, for the first time ever, distracted driving trends have started
to surpass deaths from DUI.

Several safe driving apps have been created to directly block a driver
from using their phone and help keep their attention where it belongs
… on the road. Perhaps we need in-vehicle apps to do the same?
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Car Makers Should Be Creating Technologies to Keep Drivers Safe

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