Speed Likely To Have Caused I-70 Fiery Semi-Truck Crash

Earlier this month, an I-70 ramp was closed for nearly ten hours when a
semi-truck accident prompted officials to take action and keep others
motorists safe. Authorities believe the driver may have been speeding
and then lost control of his rig and tried to overcorrect too quickly.
This caused a skid, followed by the driver smashing into a concrete wall.
The truck hit with such force that the concrete moved and threw debris
everywhere onto I-70.

The early morning crash was said to be quite a scene. The truck quickly
burnt to a shell even though firefighters were working hard to put out
the flames that covered the entirety of the eighteen-wheeled vehicle.

Authorities agree, the best way to minimize motor vehicle crashes is for
drivers to follow the speed limit and be especially conscious sharing
the road with semi-trucks.

Avoid Accidents With Speeding Semi-Trucks

Nearly 4,000 people are killed in semi-truck accidents each year, amounting
to eleven deaths a day in the U.S. In addition, there are 100,000 injuries
related to truck accidents annually. Avoiding accidents with a speeding
semi-truck is crucial to your fate as a safe driver. It is important to
be a defensive driver and leave room for a semi-truck to travel around
you. These driving tactics can protect you against getting into a tragic
accident with these road hogs. Additionally, follow these two easy tips
to stay safe.

  1. There is no need to drive too closely. Following any vehicle too closely
    can be dangerous – but following a semi too closely can be deadly.
    If the semi driver cannot see you, they may stop too quickly or if they
    are speeding they may also change lanes rapidly, causing you to have to
    act quickly and lose control.
  2. Leave room for the semi and drive far ahead or behind. This doesn’t
    mean you should speed, but if you are directly in front of a semi that
    you can tell is speeding, make sure you allow them adequate room to maneuver
    and get out of their way. Semi trucks naturally gain and lose speed when
    traveling up and down hills. If you are too close in front of them when
    heading down a hill, they may not be able to slow down quickly enough
    to keep from rear-ending you. Also make sure the truck is far enough behind
    you before you cross lanes in front of them.

Indiana Is No Stranger to Truck Accidents

Frequently listed in the top third of states with regard to the number
of semi-truck accidents, Indiana residents are all-too familiar with
the risks of these big rigs. Indianapolis is positioned as one of the Midwest’s hubs for commercial
travel, with multiple busy interstates converging in and around the city.

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