Illiana Expressway Would Help Congestion on Other Highways

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Illiana Expressway Would Help Congestion on Other Highways

Could Big Truck Accidents Be Reduced If Illiana Expressway Plans Move Forward?

Although stalled, the proposed Illiana Expressway plan could open up a new interstate and reduce traffic congestion related accidents, gridlock, and bottleneck hazards caused by semi-trucks. But it seems not all can come to agreement that traffic relief of this magnitude is needed even though there have been 373 fatal accidents on Lake, Porter and LaPorte county roadways over the last five years with Interstate 80 and U.S. highways, including U.S. 20, 30 and 41, ranking highest for fatalities. In the meantime, as families, vacationers, truck drivers and commuters await congested road relief, everyone needs to watch out for each other, stay alert and practice accident reducing driving behaviors.

12 Good Driver Behaviors That Can Help Deter an Interstate Accident 

  1. Take extra care to pay attention and expect the unexpected. Traffic can change without notice.
  2. Driver inattention is a leading cause of all highway crashes. Don’t text or talk on the phone and avoid taking your hands off the wheel. Distracted driving has become a crisis on all roadways.
  3. Watch for speed limit reductions, narrowing lanes, changing traffic patterns, and highway workers.
  4. Respect the posted speed limits and merge as soon as safely possible as this will allow traffic to flow smoothly. Speeding and aggressive driving are major causes of interstate crashes.
  5. Keep a safe distance on all sides of your vehicles and maintain a safe following distance. Rear-end collisions are the most common type of interstate crash related to bottleneck traffic.
  6. Respect bigger trucks and obey their guidance.
  7. Pay attention to signage that may be giving accurate information and important warnings on what to expect ahead.
  8. Expect delays and allow extra travel time to navigate known busy and congested areas.
  9. If possible, select alternate routes to avoid the bottleneck zone completely.
  10. Alcohol and other drugs impair both judgement and reaction time. There is no safe limit for drinking before driving. If your medication carries a warning, take it seriously.
  11. Sleep can be a true preventative measure against becoming involved in a serious accident or fatal crash. Be prepared to make alternate plans if you are too tired to drive, and acknowledge that tired driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving or distracted driving
  12. Be patient and stay calm.

Big Trucks Remain Dangerous Contributor to Indiana Interstate Fatalities 

Fatal truck wrecks are growing nearly three times the rate of deadly crashes overall with more than 4,300 people killed in accidents involving semis and other large trucks in 2016, according to the federal government. For example, in 2017, a semi driver was operating distracted by a tablet computer while driving his 18-wheeler down an Indiana interstate outside West Terre Haute. He was driving at 70 mph when he crashed into the rear of a 2014 Toyota Camry stuck in congested and stopped traffic. The accident resulted in four fatalities.

Although truck drivers are extensively trained on road safety rules and follow their own extra set of defensive driving techniques, these drivers and their heavy haulers still cause dozens of Indiana interstate accidents each year. Many times, these crashes could have been prevented if drivers followed some basic rules and driving procedures. Some of those include slowing down in busy areas such as bottlenecks, maintaining safe distances from other vehicles, staying away from ‘no-zones’, and ensuring their trucks and trailers are serviced regularly with safety checks carried out before each trip.

Interstate Accident and Semi-Truck Crash Injury Attorneys 

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