Semi-trucks are governed by a series of
strict federal guidelines regulating everything from the number of consecutive hours a trucker is
allowed to drive, to specific rules regarding load restrictions and trailer height.

The margin for error is slim and when laws aren’t followed the consequences
can be traumatic for innocent victims.

Tuesday’s collision between a semi-truck and the Rockville bridge
on I-465 was the latest example of a semi-truck that was in obvious violation
of federal laws. The collision tore through 14 of the bridge’s steel
beams, causing major structural damage to the bridge (closing that section
of the interstate for several hours) and serious injury to a local woman
that may leave her with a long road to recovery.

Local Art Student Injured in Semi-Truck Bridge Collision

Aspiring artist and student, Christine Haraburda, was traveling near the
offending semi when the machinery being trailed on the back of the truck
collided with the bridge. Her vehicle was struck by large pieces of concrete
that broke free from the overpass, crashing through her windshield and
leaving her with a
compound fracture to her right arm, leaving it broken in several places as well s causing
nerve damage.

Miraculously, Ms. Haraburda escaped fatal injuries, and according to her
sister, was most concerned about an overdue library book and anyone else
that might have been injured versus the bone that was protruding from her skin.

Bystanders are credited with quick action and coming to Harabuda’s
aid. A nurse was traveling in the vicinity and was able to provide immediate
care, helping to stabilize Harabuda’s arm and ensure that she had
blood flow in the lower extremity.

Rescue workers were able to free Harabuda after an extended extraction
process, after which she was taken to Eskenazi Hospital.

Witnesses to the crash reported that a piece of machinery on the back of
the semi-truck had somehow been turned on. A pneumatic piece of this machine
then extended upward into the path of the oncoming bridge overpass.

Ongoing Investigation Continues for Indiana State Police

An ongoing investigation by
Indiana State Police (ISP) continues into what potentially caused the machinery on the back of the
truck to turn on and whether the crash was a result of driver error or
mechanical malfunction.

Wagner Reese: Indiana Semi-Truck Injury Attorneys

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The attorneys at Wagner Reese wish Ms. Harabuda a successful recovery and
are hopeful that she is able to continue the pursuit of her Masters in Art.