At Wagner Reese, it’s our job to help injured victims like you win their cases after they’ve been injured by others. And while we take on the paperwork, the phone calls, and the back and forth with the insurance company, it’s important to remember that maximizing your compensation is a team effort. The things you do immediately after your injury and while you’re waiting for your claim to settle can have a big impact on its outcome.

Don’t worry—your biggest priority after your injury is getting better and spending time with your family. But there are a few steps you can take that can payoff big time, whether it’s when the insurance company agrees to a settlement or if they refuse to cooperate and we take your case to court.

Get Immediate Medical Treatment

This step should be a no-brainer, as it not only protects your health, but also your rights to compensation. Although you don’t have to go straight to the hospital from the accident scene, it’s important to get to a doctor or other healthcare provider as soon as you can.

Getting treated by a doctor right away means your injuries have less chance to worsen, internal injuries can be treated or ruled out, and the insurance company will be much less likely to claim your injuries are pre-existing or have other causes.

Report Your Injury or Accident

If you were in an auto accident, call 911 so that an official accident report can be created. If you were hurt on the job, tell your supervisor or manager right away. And if you were injured on public or private property, tell an employee or the property owner.

The sooner your accident is reported to key figures, the stronger the connection is between your injuries and what happened. That means the insurance company has less incentive to deny you compensation.

Be Honest About What Happened—But Don’t Admit Fault!

If there’s one misstep that insurance companies take advantage of, it’s inconsistencies in victims’ stories. If you describe your injuries as being extremely painful or disabling, but the doctor who treats you disagrees and clears you to return to work, you may be viewed with more skepticism.

Or if you exaggerate the cause of your accident and evidence proves you weren’t telling the truth, you may be unable to recover compensation. In addition, admitting fault—even if you’re later proven innocent—can make it impossible to win your case.

Call a Lawyer

Although you can call a lawyer and pursue compensation at any point during Indiana’s personal injury statute of limitations, the sooner you do it, the better. That’s because evidence can quickly disappear, witnesses can become more difficult to track down, and the insurance company grows more and more skeptical about the cause of your injuries with each passing day.

At Wagner Reese, our consultations are free, so you have nothing to lose when you call us. We’ll get started on your claim right away, so that you can have peace of mind and a chance to relax and focus on your recovery.

Stay off Social Media

Almost everyone has social media now, but sharing too much about your life—and your accident—can jeopardize your claim. That’s because insurance adjusters now routinely use social media profiles to keep tabs on claimants.

If they see you post contradictory statements concerning your accident, or if you post pictures that might suggest your injuries aren’t serious, they may be less likely to settle or give you the compensation you’re owed. Your best bet is to avoid posting on social media until your claim finalizes and you’ve got a check in hand.

We’re Here to Make the Legal Process Easier for Your Family

These steps are important, but we know that not everyone can achieve all of them. Many injuries are serious, and victims aren’t always in the best condition to take the optimal steps. Our lawyers are prepared for anything and everything when it comes to personal injury claims, and we’ll work hard to get your family full compensation regardless of what happened before you called. Contact us today for a free consultation.