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  • Heavy summer rains triggered a tragic head-on collision in Fulton County
    that left one driver dead and two others injured.
  • Wet weather often increases the likelihood of auto accidents and can cause
    significant injuries to those traveling both city streets and highways.
  • USDOT reports 73 percent of most weather-related crashes happen on wet
    pavement and nearly half during rainfall.
  • Drivers who are not able to avoid driving through heavy rain and have no
    other choice but to drive through it, should follow the wet weather driving
    tips provided by Wagner Reese’s car accident injury attorneys.

Summer Rain Cause of Deadly Crash in Fulton County

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Department says heavy rain was a factor
in causing a truck to cross the median and hit a car head-on in Fulton
County on US 31. The accident involved a 62-year-old South Bend man who
died at the scene from blunt force trauma. Two other men, who were the
driver and passenger in the truck that caused the accident, were taken
to the hospital with minor injuries.

8 Smart Driving Choices To Make During Low Visibility

Many drivers have been in a situation where the rain suddenly hits, and
they are driving on the interstate at a high speed with reduced visibility.
It can quickly become uncomfortable and unsafe, leaving operators to quickly
wonder what driving decision should be made next. Slow down and keep driving
to chase away the rain? Or pull over and wait for it to pass? While most
experts will suggest slowing down, pull over and wait it out in a safe
and visible-to-other-cars-location, some drivers may not have any other
choice but to drive through heavy rains while making these efforts to
stay safe.

  1. Make sure you are seen, and your headlights are on.
  2. Turn cruise control off.
  3. Expect it to get worse before it gets better.
  4. Drive slowly and steadily, while paying close attention to your surroundings.
  5. Avoid making any sudden turns or lane changes at risk of hydroplaning.
  6. Watch for larger vehicles that could trap or crash into you if you’re
    in their path.
  7. Give vehicles ahead of you extra space and more time for you to react.
  8. Hold on to the wheel. Wind or gusts from vehicles traveling faster than
    you may alter your path.

If you approach a flooded area in the road and suddenly enter deep water
and your engine fails, you may to open the door or roll down the window
to get out. If you are unable to get out safely, call 911 or get the attention
of a passerby so that they may call for help.

Safe Driving Is Necessary During Any Season

No matter what time of year or weather pattern Hoosiers are in, drivers
are faced with many different risks, but one thing remains the same: we
are all relying on one another to arrive to our destinations safely.

In addition, follow these essentials for safe driving no matter what the
weather may be. Always be sure you and everyone in your vehicle are wearing
seat belts and that children are riding in age– and size-appropriate
child seats. Never drive after drinking or doing drugs. Do not drive when
distracted by an electronic device, other passengers, food, or anything else.

Our team was saddened to hear about the fatal crash in Fulton County and
will continue to write about seasonal driving topics right here on the
blog in hopes to help other drivers avoid an accident injury or tragedy.
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and stay safe on the roads all year round.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injury and Wrongful Death Attorneys

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