There’s no question that rider experience plays a role in the probability of motorcycle crashes. Newer riders may not anticipate specific hazards or circumstances that could lead to an accident. Returning cyclists may also need time to regain their expertise.

In Indiana, motorcycle laws vary by age. For example, a rider 18 or younger must wear a helmet while on the road. Older riders can wear head protection, but it is not a legal requirement.

These laws and rider levels of experience affect crash severities and eventual claims. Here’s a look at how rider experience impacts motorcycle crash cases and when to reach out to a motorcycle crash lawyer in Fort Wayne.

What are the Advantages of Being an Experienced Motorcyclist in Fort Wayne?

As is true with every undertaking, experience is crucial. It’s no surprise that newer motorcyclists are many times more likely to crash than their seasoned counterparts. As with any skill, riders need time to put their training into practice.

With experience, riders are:

Aware of common hazards

Inexperienced riders tend to overlook hazards that may be obvious to a more seasoned rider. Such dangers include potholes, loose debris, and lane sharing.

Able to foresee dangers from other motorists

Sharing the road with other motorists requires riders to stay alert. For instance, many drivers turn left without noticing riders in adjacent lanes. Without experience, a rider may unwittingly remain too close to other motorists, risking a crash in the case of one mistake.

Faster to react

Being on the road longer trains a rider to react to situations faster. With such training, a motorist can make split-second life-saving decisions.

Better acquainted with the law

Newer riders and those who are returning after a long break from riding may need time to learn motorcycle law. For example, in Indiana, motorcyclists follow the same laws as other vehicles. A car should not share a lane with a motorbike. However, two motorcycles can share one if both riders agree.

An inexperienced rider may find themselves squeezed between lanes, thus risking a crash.

If another motorist is responsible for a motorcycle crash, the victim can seek compensation from insurance or a court of law. All riders, inexperienced or not, can benefit from the help of a Fort Wayne motorcycle crash lawyer like Wagner Reese.

Risks that Come with More Experience as a Motorcyclist

On the surface, it may look like experienced riders are safe from crashes. But that’s not always the case. They need to be aware of the subtle dangers they may encounter.

Safety measures

The longer motorcyclists have been riding, the fewer protective measures they may take. As mentioned earlier, riders over 18 do not have to wear a helmet. This exemption poses a danger, considering head injuries are the most fatal. And even though the law does not require it, defendants can use the victim’s lack of protective headwear to assign blame in the event of a crash.

Riders can find motorcycle safety measures on the government’s website.


The lure of overconfidence is not unique to motorcycle riders. But it can be even more dangerous for them because, unlike other motorists, riders don’t have the protection of airbags or a heavy metal chassis to protect them.

Experienced riders must stay focused by not using hand-held phones, taking risks, or speeding.

Why Hire a Fort Wayne Motorcycle Crash Lawyer

After a motorcycle accident, you will want a lawyer who understands the local and state laws and can best represent you to increase your chance of receiving fair compensation.

Remember that insurance companies do their best to reduce the amount paid to injured claimants. Without a knowledgeable attorney, victims may be getting less than they need to get back on their feet. Get the help of a motorcycle crash lawyer from Wagner Reese in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Wagner Reese represents both experienced and inexperienced riders in a motorcycle accident. Contact our Fort Wayne office today for a free consultation with our team of attorneys.