Essure Birth Control Implant Discontinued Due to Health and Injury Concerns

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Essure Birth Control Implant Discontinued Due to Health and Injury Concerns


  • As US women continue to file injury claims, advocacy groups along with public outrage have put enough pressure on Bayer to discontinue sales of its Essure birth control by the end of 2018.
  • So far, more than 16,000 lawsuits are in action and as many as 30,000 women have reported health issues related to the implant.
  • Severe injuries such as chronic pain, excessive bleeding, pregnancy complications, and deaths, including some infants, have been reported yet Bayer still denies any wrong doings and blames misleading publicity for the choice to remove the nonsurgical sterilization device from the market.
  • Establishing a claim is important but can place consumers in a vulnerable position when they should be focusing on their health and healing. Defective medical device cases are complex and require the experience and oversight of a product liability attorney.

Bayer Will Stop Selling Essure Birth Control Implant

Medical device officials and advocacy groups protecting women from preventable health injuries argue that nearly 30,000 US women have experienced serious complications from Essure, a nonsurgical sterilization birth control implant made by Bayer with a tell-tale black box warning and troubled history. After years of public outrage to get the defective device off the market, the multinational pharmaceutical company has finally announced it would discontinue sales of its Essure birth control implant by the end of the 2018.

The pregnancy prevention device marketed to mostly younger women was designed to create an inflammatory response that causes scar tissue to form while blocking the fallopian tubes with coils made of metals and metal alloys of nickel and titanium, and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers. Women who used the implant have reported severe injuries of the uterus and the fallopian tubes and serious allergic reactions and adverse health effects. Sadly, several deaths, including those of infants, have also been attributed to the device or to complications from it.

Essure Proves to Create Devastating Side Effects and Deadly Outcomes

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) forced Bayer to warn of the injury risk in 2016 with an official product warning, and again in April 2018, by sanctioning a sales restriction to medical practices and doctors’ offices that agree to fully inform women about the device’s risks. Meanwhile, the US remained the only country where Essure was still being sold and injury reports of women describing serious health events caused by the dangerous product steadily grew. The FDA released the following short-term and long-term risks of the implant.

Short-term risks to patients reported in clinical trials include:

  • During the Essure placement procedure and immediately following, some patients may experience mild to moderate pain.
  • Immediately following the procedure, some patients may also experience cramping, vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, lightheadedness, pelvic or back discomfort.

Long-term risks to patients reported in clinical trials include:

  • Unintended pregnancy
  • Abdominal, pelvic or back pain
  • Perforation of the uterus or fallopian tubes
  • Inserts found in the abdominal or pelvic cavity

Other reactions included in medical device reports submitted to the FDA include:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Weight changes
  • Hair loss
  • Mood changes, including depression
  • Allergy or hypersensitivity reactions
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Muscle weakness

In addition, the FDA has heard from thousands of women who have used the device and experienced chronic pain, abnormal menstruation, organ perforation of the fallopian tubes, uterus or bowel, autoimmune disorders, and life-threatening ectopic pregnancies, and even infant death.

Bayer continues to deny the device is dangerous or caused any injuries to women and is instead blaming “inaccurate and misleading publicity” and hype created in popular culture entertainment and social media platforms as a key factor behind the injury claims. Meanwhile, officials at Bayer also report that there were about 16,800 plaintiffs who have filed lawsuits regarding Essure complications as of mid-April.

Have You Been Seriously Injured by an Essure Birth Control Implant?

Defective product cases can be complex and leave consumers with permanent injuries and ongoing suffering, stress, depression, and financial hardships. Please don’t wait to take part in an Essure lawsuit and hold Bayer accountable. Whether your medicine-related injuries were caused by the poorly and defectively designed device, by hidden side-effects, or by inadequate warnings by medical professionals, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation to help you. Our experienced defective medical device attorneys at Wagner Reese can provide you the legal support and advice you need to establish an Essure injury claim so that you can focus on your own health and healing and help create better standards to prevent future birth control injuries to other women.

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