• A deadly crash between a passenger car and a semi-truck recently took the
    life of a young driver in northwest Indiana, adding to the 4,000 people
    who are killed in semi-truck accidents each year in the U.S.
  • Most of these accidents are created by mistakes made by the passenger vehicle’s
    driver and include distracted driving, driving while drowsy, following
    too closely, or not following speed limits.
  • Whatever the cause, when a passenger vehicle collides with these large
    and heavy trucks, the people inside often face life-long injuries, emotional
    and financial strains, or even death.
  • Understanding the most common causes of trucking accidents can help all
    road users be responsible, alert, and hopefully help prevent them.

Young Driver Dies in Rear-End Crash with Semi-truck in Northwest Indiana

The car accident team at Wagner Reese is saddened to read the news of a
young driver who died from injuries sustained in a recent crash with a
semi-truck in northwest Indiana. Accident reports from Indiana State Police
say the 22-year-old man from Crown Point, Indiana, was driving east about
4:40 a.m. when he crashed into the back of the semi-truck on Interstate
80/94 near Calumet Avenue in Hammond. The man had to be extricated from
his vehicle before he was taken to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn with
multiple life-threatening injuries. He died at the hospital, according
to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office, the next day. Reports
say the 33-year-old driver of the truck wasn’t injured and it remains
unclear what caused the driver to crash into the back of the truck.

Nearly 75% of Passenger Car Drivers are at Fault for Causing Semi-truck Accidents

Drivers of any vehicle may feel uneasy sharing the road with big trucks
and semi-trailers, but accidents between passenger cars and semi-trucks
are unfortunately most common. More alarming may be that passenger car
driver error is typically at fault for up to 75 percent of these accidents.
The team at Wagner Reese would like to help those drivers and invite them
to review a few simple driving tactics that we feel could protect you
against facing a tragic accident with these big rigs.

  1. There is no need to drive too closely. Following any vehicle too closely
    can be dangerous – but following a large truck or bus too closely
    can be deadly. Also, make sure the truck is far enough behind you before
    you cross lanes in front of them.
  2. Leave room for bigger vehicles to drive far ahead or behind. This doesn’t
    mean you should speed, but if you are directly in front of a semi, make
    sure you allow them adequate room to maneuver and get out of their way.
  3. Never drive distracted by your phone or others, avoid being drowsy or impaired
    by alcohol or drugs, and always wear your safety belt.

Lastly, truck drivers and passenger vehicle drivers need to be respectful
of each other, follow road safety rules closely, and just simply learn
to operate their vehicles with good driver behaviors.

Involved in a Crash with a Semi-Truck?

If tragedy strikes and you are involved in a crash with a semi-truck, the
team at Wagner Reese can assist. In the case of a loved one lost as a
result of a truck accident, our expert
wrongful death attorneys can help you to understand your rights and options and will
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