Former Pediatrician Receives 19 Years in Prison for Child Molestation

At Wagner Reese, our sexual abuse lawyers are currently representing two families in lawsuits against Witham Health for hiring former pediatrician Dr. Jonathon Cavins, a child molester who had previously been accused of sexual battery. Now the families of the affected boys have come one step closer to receiving justice, as Boone Circuit Judge Lori Schein sentenced Jonathon Cavins to 19 years in prison for his abuse of five young male patients.

In February 2020, Cavins was convicted by an Indiana jury on two counts of child molestation, two counts of child seduction, and one count of sexual misconduct with a minor. In addition to spending 19 years in prison for these crimes, Cavins will also be on probation for four years following his sentence.

While nothing can ever make up for the egregious sexual violence committed by Cavins, our team at Wagner Reese is thankful that this serial offender will finally be punished for his actions. In seeking compensation through the civil justice system, we hope to bring an even greater measure of peace for the boys and their families, along with the financial resources necessary to heal from their trauma.

Demanding Accountability from Negligent Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers have a clear obligation to remain vigilant and protect all patients – young, old, male, and female – from known sexual predators. Even before Cavins was working at the Witham Health Services pediatrics suite, the hospital staff had the ability to perform a rigorous background check and see his past track record of sexual battery at the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. During his tenure, the administration should also have looked more closely at his actions and taken all claims of sexual abuse seriously.

For failing to meet these basic care standards, Witham Health Services may be partially responsible for the abuses perpetrated by Jonathon Cavins. In the upcoming litigation, our team is prepared to aggressively advocate for the victims and their families – and hold this institution accountable for failing to protect young boys from harm.

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