When you are hurt and suffering, you may be concerned about the expenses you face. Car accidents can get pricey fast, and you may be concerned about lawyer fees. Does your car insurance cover them?

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Two Cars In A Car Accident

Explanation of car insurance coverage and its limitations

Like other states, Indiana has certain requirements for car insurance policies for each driver in the state. This liability insurance should cover at least bodily injury at $25,000 per person or $50,000 per accident, and property damage of at least $25,000.

Unsure what coverage you have? You can speak with your insurance provider, and you can also reach out to Wagner Reese for the guidance you need with your policy and getting the funds you are due.

Overview of different types of car insurance policies and their provisions

When navigating car insurance and lawyer fees, it is vital that you understand your policy and what provisions may be offered to you. Making an assumption can leave you without the support you need, or you may be blindsided by a lack of support.

While state minimums mean that you should always have liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage, there are other types of coverage you may seek out. For example, you may seek out comprehensive coverage, which will offer support and more situations. Rather than only covering you in case of a car accident you caused, comprehensive coverage can offer support in other cases, like natural disasters.

However, this other coverage is more expensive and may not be as valuable for cars that are nearing the end of their lifespan, for example. If you are unsure how much your policy covers, you can always review your policy and determine exactly what coverage you have.

Scenarios in which car insurance may cover lawyer fees

In some cases, you may have adequate insurance coverage to have your attorney fees covered if you are being held liable for a car accident. In these situations, your insurance company is financially liable If you are found responsible for the accident. Because it would impact their interests, including their bottom line, they may cover your legal fees.

However, you may need to review your car insurance policy before you assume they will cover these fees. A conversation with your insurance provider can help you understand the specifics of your coverage and how much they are willing to pay to help you reduce or dismiss the claim against you.

Situations where car insurance may not cover lawyer fees

Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not offer Coverage for legal fees in car insurance. This is not typically included in insurance policies because these insurers are more focused on their own interests.

Worse, they may even try to avoid paying for expenses your coverage does cover. For example, if you are struck by an uninsured driver, your insurance company may try to fight back and avoid paying. Talk to your lawyer if this has happened to you.

Steps to take if car insurance does not cover lawyer fees

What can you do if your car insurance company does not cover your lawyer fees? While some legal funds may also exist, one of the best steps to take is to seek out an attorney who can help you win your case.

Indiana is a fault state, meaning that accidents happening in the state are the financial liability of the at-fault party. That means that, if someone injures you, and you prove that you are due compensation in the courtroom for their actions, the at-fault party may be held responsible for pain for your recovery.

The experience of Wagner Reese, LLP in handling car insurance claims and personal injury cases

When you are facing a car insurance claim, you need attorneys on your side who have prepared for cases like yours. Fortunately, our team at Wagner Reese, LLP is ready for you.

Our firm has been helping injury victims like you since 1997. All of that experience can be used for your case, helping to maximize the value of your personal injury case and ensure you are not left paying out of pocket for your claim.

Tips for choosing the right car insurance policy to maximize coverage for legal fees

If you are concerned about your car insurance policy covering your legal fees, one of the best steps you can take to ensure this is to research your policy before you choose. Putting in the extra time to ensure you are getting the right policy for you can help you maximize your coverage.

You can speak to your insurance provider about what they offer. You can also speak to an attorney about your specific options for coverage.

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Common misconceptions about car insurance coverage for lawyer fees

While it is true that insurance companies do not usually pay for your lawyer fees, it is a misconception that there is never a situation where they will. Your first step is to check your policy and ensure you know what your policy covers before you move forward.

Once you are sure about your coverage options, you can also reach out to the team at Wagner Reese, LLP. Our top-quality attorneys are here to guide you through the financial implications of working with an attorney before you begin.

Our team has a track record of success and has been recognized many times by Lawyers®, Best Lawyers®, and other peer-reviewed award associations. We are ready to put that to work for you when you contact us for a free consultation by calling 866-828-0308 or by filling out our online contact form.