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April is here, and that means it’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month! Did you know that the CDC reports every day more than 9 people are killed as a result of distracted driving accidents? This year, the National Safety Council (NSC) is making a huge push to raise awareness for the high risk that hands-free devices still pose to drivers. Although manufacturers label hands-free options as “safe” and “easy-to-use” while driving, the cognitive distraction of these devices are just as dangerous as the visual distractions of handheld devices.

The NSC lists several ways you can help raise awareness and save lives this year, and they also provide several resources for you to use and share in your social media outlets. Ways you can help include:

  • Share the information you have learned about cell phones, distracted driving, and the different types of distractions with others
  • Recognize the dangers that cognitive distractions pose to drivers
  • Stopping your use of all handheld and hands-free devices while driving
  • Share the resources and infographics provided by the NSC

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