Dark Spots on State Road 37 Pose Dangers

Twenty-six year old Elias Rios Bonilla became the third person in a year
killed by a vehicle while biking or walking on parts of State Road 37
in the Fishers area. Bonilla was riding his bicycle east on 126th Street late on Tuesday night when the accident occurred.

Police believe Bonilla was attempting to cross State Road 37 when a Chevy
Tahoe struck him. The driver of the Tahoe was already out of the vehicle
and attempting to wave down assistance when another vehicle approached,
heading south on SR 37. Unfortunately, the driver of the second car saw
the Tahoe in the ditch but did not see Bonilla in the roadway until it
was too late. Bonilla was pronounced dead at the scene.

Drugs and alcohol do not appear to have played a role, but there is a history
in this area of other nighttime car accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians.
It hasn’t even been two months since a pedestrian was killed in
a car accident while crossing SR 37 at 131st Street. Two vehicles hit the victim during early morning hours before
the sun was up, similar to the death of Elias Rios Bonilla. Just under
a year ago, another pedestrian was killed late at night at the intersection
of SR 37 and 135th Street.

Cities, Counties, and States Can Be Held Liable for Unsafe Conditions

We have written before about the steps bicyclists and pedestrians can take
to be safe while traveling at night. Unfortunately, there are some instances
where the planning, design, and maintenance of the roadway play a significant
role in an accident. If the road is constructed in a way that creates
poor visibility due to obstacles or a lack of lighting, the governmental
or private entity responsible for that roadway may share fault for an
accident resulting in property loss, bodily injury, or death.

While filing a claim against a governmental entity is well within the rights
of an accident victim, such cases can be tricky. Winning the compensation
that is deserved, whether for injury or a wrongful death, requires an
experienced legal team.
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