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It’s been an unusually dangerous week for moped riders in Indiana.
It began last Friday in Kosciusko County around 9 p.m. Two people, including
a 61-year-old Huntington woman, were riding a moped on Old Road 30 near
Warsaw when a semi-truck struck them from behind. Both Latanna Thompson
and the moped’s driver, Dustin Thompson, were thrown from the vehicle.
They suffered severe head injuries and were transferred to separate hospitals
in critical condition.

Then on Monday, there were two moped accidents. In Carmel, a mid-afternoon
ride turned disastrous when a moped collided with an SUV in the intersection of 4th Avenue and Emerson Road. The rider in this accident also suffered serious
injuries and was taken to St. Vincent’s Trauma Center in critical

There was no immediate word on the driver of a moped in Lafayette who collided
with a CityBus at the intersection of Ferry and 20th streets. The accident happened around 9 p.m. and closed the intersection
for two hours while an accident reconstruction team performed an investigation.

All accidents are still under investigation, and our thoughts are with
those who have been injured.

Risks Associated with Moped Use are Often Underestimated

Data on mopeds is often rolled up into studies on motorcycles. This is
useful in some ways, but it obscures the actual dangers involved in riding
a moped. Most people are inclined to believe motorcycles are far more
dangerous. They barely think about the low-speed, hip little scooters,
such as Vespas, that have surged in popularity over the past several years.

In reality, mopeds can be incredibly dangerous. Partly this is due to the
underestimation of risk. A 2011 study published in
The Journal of Trauma reported only 17% of moped and scooter riders wear helmets. Though the
study was limited to a single state, the authors concluded a majority
of traffic infrastructure is poorly suited to ensuring safety of moped
and scooter riders. Risk factors associated with increased severe or lethal
injury that could be addressed via state or policy intervention included:

  • Unpaved roads;
  • Moped driving at speed greater than 20 mph;
  • Posted speed limit greater than 30 mph;
  • Four or more lanes on the roadway;
  • Poor lighting.

Moped and Vespa accidents are like other accidents in that drivers who
are impaired by drugs or alcohol are far more likely to be involved in

Not only are moped accidents far more common than we think, the injuries
sustained are often severe. Head and brain injuries are by far the most
common serious injury, and scooter riders can find themselves paralyzed
or with a traumatic brain injury. Worse yet, a majority of moped owners
are uninsured, leaving huge medical, recovery, and/or burial costs if
an accident does occur.

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