You might assume that any toy available on store shelves is safe. Otherwise, how could a dangerous product be marketed and sold for children?

Sadly, consumers should always be vigilant about the safety of toys they purchase for kids. Though the days of some dangerous toys (like lawn darts) being sold in the U.S. are long gone, there are other, new toys that make perennial lists of dangerous products, often due to defects or mislabeling.

When buying gifts for children, consumers should keep several things in mind.

Know Which Popular Toys Safety Advocates Consider Dangerous in 2020

When looking for toys that consumer safety advocates consider dangerous, you have a few resources available. First, check World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H.). This organization releases a list of dangerous toys each year.

To be as safe as possible, make sure you review not just the W.A.T.C.H. list from the current year, but also the last couple years, as some of those toys might still be on store shelves or online marketplaces.

You can also visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for updates on recalled products. Search the site for the product you’re considering buying to see whether it has been recalled.

Examples of Dangerous Toys in 2020

Based on the sources listed above, here are a few toys that you should avoid purchasing in 2020:

  • Calico Critters Nursery Friends
  • GO! Launch Missile Launcher
  • Marvel Avengers Vibranium Power FX Claw
  • Gloria Owl
  • WWE Jumbo Superstar Fists
  • Scientific Explorer Sci-Fi Slime
  • The Original Boomerang Interactive Stunt UFO
  • Boom City Racers Starter Pack
  • My Sweet Love Lots to Love Babies Minis
  • Star Wars Mandalorian Darksaber

Guidelines for Buying Safe Christmas Gifts in 2020

Though the above list will likely help you avoid recalled and defective products, you’ll still benefit from remembering other best practices of gift-giving, including:

  • Make sure any toys you purchase are age appropriate.
  • Know that certain toys, such as trampolines, slip and slides, and inflatable bounce houses, are linked with higher risks of injury.
  • Discard a toy’s packaging after it has been opened to avoid choking hazards.
  • Avoid buying toys that cause loud pops, bangs, or other noises, as these toys can cause hearing damage in children.
  • Be especially careful when purchasing products online, as they might not always meet consumer protection guidelines.

The Responsibilities of Toy Manufacturers

Manufacturers of all products are supposed to sell products that are safe for use. If there are any potential hazards associated with a product, manufacturers are supposed to clearly label it so consumers are made aware of those dangers.

When manufacturers fail to sell safe products or label them properly, they can be held accountable for the costs of injuries consumers suffer. Consumers can file product liability claims to demand compensation for the damages they’ve suffered. Through product liability claims, consumers can receive payment for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

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