Thursday morning brought great tragedy to the community at Crawfordsville
High School. Thomas Edwards, 17, was involved in an accident just before
7:20 a.m. and was pronounced dead at Franciscan Health Crawfordsville.

Edwards was driving on US 136 near Nucor Road when his car was involved
in a crash with another vehicle carrying Kelly Kruse of Crawfordsville
and Matthew Garrett of Terre Haute. Both Kruse and Garrett were transported
to Franciscan Health but later transferred to St. Vincent Hospital in
Indianapolis. Details of the crash have not been released, but a crash
reconstruction team with members from the
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Indiana State Police was on the scene. The investigation is ongoing.

Well-Rounded Teen Hoped to Become an Elementary School Teacher

Thomas Edwards was a senior at Crawfordsville High School, where he played
on the baseball team and French Club. With graduation approaching, he
was looking forward to attending college with the plan of becoming an
elementary school teacher. He assisted with family literacy programs at
a local pre-school, and administrators at the school have been left searching
with the best way to talk about the loss of “Mr. Tommy” with
the young children who knew him well.

Third CHS Student Fatally Injured in Car Crash in Three Years

Crawfordsville High School is no stranger to the loss of a classmate. Nearly
18 months ago, in April 2015, Tyler Reeves dies in an accident at the
beginning of Spring Break. Just two years before that, Mike McCord was
involved in a fatal car accident on his way to school.

Though teens aged 16-19 are involved in fatal car crashes at a much higher
rate than other groups, this is still a disproportionate number of tragic
deaths for a community the size of Crawfordsville. We urge families to
continue to speak to their teenagers about driving safety in hopes of
minimizing the number of young people like Thomas Edwards who have been
lost to this terrible epidemic.

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