Truck Driver Fatality In I-65 Construction Zone Highlights Semi’s Risk

According to local reports, an Ohio truck driver recently died after an
early morning crash on I-65 in Clinton County. Indiana State Police say
a three-vehicle crash happened around 1 a.m. in a construction zone on
northbound I-65 just north of the State Road 28/158 exit. The tragic accident
occurred when a Freightliner truck was pulling an actuator with a lighted
arrow board directing traffic into the left lane. Reports say the truck
was partially blocking the right lane as a result when a second vehicle,
a 2015 Chevrolet pickup truck, was pulling a trailer with two
construction workers picking up traffic cones. A semi-truck driver then failed to slow down
and hit the left rear of the actuator, sideswiping the Freightliner, pickup
truck and trailer. It was then that the semi went off the right side of
the road and rolled onto its left side. Once police arrived the semi-truck
driver was pronounced dead at the scene. No one else was hurt during the
crash, although the other vehicles sustained damaged and the pickup’s
trailer was destroyed. While the crash remains under investigation, our
thoughts are with the family of those impacted.

Big Rig Risks

Frequently listed in the top third of states with regard to the number
of semi-truck accidents, Indiana residents are all-too familiar with the
risks of these big rigs. Indianapolis is positioned as one of the Midwest’s
hubs for commercial travel, with multiple busy interstates converging
in and around the city.

The reasons for most semi-trucks accidents vary, but usually have to do
with the trucks or their drivers and include:

  • One of the main causes of fatal accidents is found to be
    intoxicated drivers or vehicle operators driving under the influence (DUI).
  • The sheer size of the large trucks, such as 18-wheelers, can disorient
    small cars, and make them lose their bearings.
  • The law allows truck drivers to work 11 hours a shift, and about one in
    every two drivers admit to having fallen asleep while driving.
  • Many trucks are overweight, which affects their breaking and balance, and
    poses a serious risk to other motorists.

Many of these accidents can be prevented if drivers and trucking companies
follow some basic rules and driving procedures such as:

  • Truck drivers must be trained on safety rules, and ensuring discipline
    and adherence to rules while driving is of utmost importance.
  • Truck drivers must slow down in busy areas such as work zones, maintain
    safe distances from other vehicles and pedestrians, stay away from their
    ‘no-zones’, and follow defensive driving techniques.
  • Trucks should be serviced regularly and maintained well, with safety checks
    carried out before a trip to ensure that they are safe to be driven.
  • Drivers of smaller vehicles must also learn and follow safe driving techniques
    around trucks in order to avoid collisions.
  • Car drivers must ensure that they avoid blind spots when driving near trucks,
    look out for a truck’s turning signs, and pace their driving around
    trucks – like avoiding overtaking a truck when it’s turning
    to the right, or not cutting a truck off abruptly.

Indiana Is No Stranger to Truck Accidents

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