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Congested Roads in Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties Continue to be Problematic

Hoosiers generally rank in the middle compared to the rest of the country
for good and bad drivers, except for failing to follow basic traffic laws
on congested roadways. But we don’t mark high for knowing how to
avoid engaging in bad driver habits. These errors unfortunately have caused
a significant number of deaths and lifelong injuries. Three counties in
Indiana were recently reviewed by The Times of Northwest Indiana to identify
where fatal road crashes are most likely to occur across the top half
of the state. Crash data from Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties were closely
analyzed with the help of Indiana Department of Transportation’s
traffic volume information collected in 2010 thru 2014. Here are some
of the investigative findings:

  • 373 fatal road crashes over five years killed 404 people in Lake, Porter
    and LaPorte counties
  • Porter County hit a five-year high in 2017 with 28 traffic fatalities
  • 211 fatal vehicle crashes with 226 people killed between 2010 and 2014
    in Lake County, 84 crashes and 95 killed in LaPorte County, and 78 crashes
    with 83 killed in Porter County
  • I-80/94 and I-90, including the Indiana Toll Road ranked as the No. 1 top
    deadly stretch among some of the most congested northwestern region of the state

The busier, faster moving highways identified through the report showed
to be some of the most clogged traffic arteries in the Region that were
home to the most traffic fatalities. The top ten deadly stretches revealed
in The Times probe were:

  1. Interstate 80/94/90 corridor
  2. U.S. 20
  3. U.S. 30
  4. U.S. 41
  5. Indiana 2
  6. Interstate 65
  7. U.S. 35
  8. Indiana 53 (Broadway)
  9. U.S. 421, Indiana 55 and Indiana 49
  10. U.S. 12

How To Begin a New Safe Driving Routine

While we can’t likely avoid these major highways in our daily commutes,
we can start making better driving choices and prevent accident inducing
errors. The team at Wagner Reese pulled together these five easy driving
tips so all drivers can make it to their destination without accident,
injury or being responsible for a motor vehicle fatality.

  1. Be Patient. Honking, driving aggressively, or weaving through traffic won’t
    make the trip faster, but can cause dangerous distractions and crashes.
    Trucks have operating restrictions, and sometimes use technology like
    speed limiters. Be respectful of that safety feature.
  2. Buckle Up. A seatbelt may keep you in your seat and help you maintain control of
    your vehicle. Wearing your seat belt is one of the most important things
    that you and your passengers can do to save your lives.
  3. Stay Focused. The last thing drivers should be doing is spending time on their phone
    while behind the wheel, especially since distracted driving remains a
    major culprit behind interstate
    crashes and thousands of
    Indiana car accidents every year, some fatal.
  4. Don’t Drive Fatigued. Sleep can be a true preventative measure against becoming involved in
    a serious accident or fatal crash. Be prepared to make alternate plans
    if you are too tired to drive, and acknowledge that tired driving can
    be just as dangerous as
    drunk driving or
    distracted driving.
  5. Never Drive Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs. Alcohol and other drugs impair both judgement and reaction time. There
    is no safe limit for drinking before driving. If your medication carries
    a warning, take it seriously.

Human error is a key factor for most fatal crashes. From knowing to how
to pass safely and recognizing the importance of being a patient driver
who is alert and off their phone, this accident reducing risk advice might
also save a life. Please share our five tips with those in your family
and friend circle.

Bad Driving Choices Create Deadly Outcomes

If tragedy strikes and you or someone you love is injured in an Indiana
driving accident, please call the
vehicular accident attorneys at Wagner Reese for a free consultation. We put decades of experience
to work for you, and we won’t collect any fees unless your case
is settled or won. Connect with us by
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