After an Indiana car accident, you can file a compensation claim with your insurance company or another one. Sometimes, the insurance company drags its feet, shortchanges you, or even denies your claim. So, you may want to file an insurance company lawsuit.

Can you file a lawsuit against the insurance company without an attorney? Yes, but it is a complicated matter that requires careful consideration before proceeding alone. This blog post details how and when to sue an insurance company without an attorney and how legal representation may help.

When filing personal injury or insurance lawsuits, Indianapolis-based car accident lawyers Wagner Reese, LLP, is one of the best in the state. Our law firm focuses on personal injury and insurance litigation. Our attorneys are seasoned, tenacious, and knowledgeable in the law, and we provide outstanding legal representation to those who want to sue insurance companies.

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Suing An Insurance Company Without A Lawyer

It’s common for Indiana accident victims to initially handle their accident claims with an insurance company without an attorney. But perhaps things don’t go as expected, and you want to sue an insurance company without a lawyer.

For example, you might believe the insurance company didn’t offer fair compensation for your totaled vehicle or the insurer didn’t provide full compensation for your medical expenses. Other reasons you might want to sue an insurance company are:

  • The insurance company denied your claim.
  • The insurance company didn’t process your claim on time.
  • The insurance company acted in bad faith.
  • The compensation you received was insufficient.

There are several considerations if you file a lawsuit without a lawyer. First, understand that the burden of proof is on you to prove that the insurance company didn’t do something it should have done. You must understand auto insurance policies and the law, considering that seasoned attorneys represent the insurance company. You will have to handle all the following adeptly to succeed with a lawsuit without an attorney:

  • Understanding the legal paperwork for the lawsuit and when and where to file it.
  • Hiring a process server company to deliver the lawsuit documents to the correct parties. If you don’t serve the correct people, it can derail the lawsuit.
  • Collecting accident evidence and speaking to witnesses about the accident.
  • Representing your case in legal meetings and the courtroom. The insurance company has experienced attorneys, and it will be challenging to come out on top without legal experience. No judge or attorney will go easy on you because you aren’t a lawyer.

While you can sue an insurance company without a lawyer, it’s difficult and a favorable outcome is far from assured. Many plaintiffs try to handle the lawsuit themselves and run into considerable difficulty. Hiring an experienced insurance company lawsuit attorney to help could improve the odds of a financially beneficial outcome.

How An Attorney Can Help With Insurance Litigation

Insurance companies generally take lawsuits more seriously when handled by an experienced attorney. An experienced insurance company lawsuit attorney can help with the following duties:

  • Determining who was at fault for the accident.
  • Collecting all accident evidence to prove that the defendant violated their duty of care.
  • Hiring expert witnesses to provide evidence about liability, injuries, and financial losses.
  • Proving that the insurance company has mistreated you, such as unfairly denying a claim, underpaying you for a totaled vehicle, or not paying sufficient economic or non-economic damages.

How Wagner Reese, LLP, Can Help With An Insurance Lawsuit

Our insurance litigation attorneys at Wagner Reese can help if you have an insurance dispute with an insurance company. If your case has merit, our attorneys will work tirelessly to prove that the insurance company mistreated you. It could be that the insurer unfairly denied or delayed your claim, breached their contract, or used bad faith practices.

Important Factors When Picking A Lawyer For Insurance Litigation

The correct attorney will understand how to analyze the insurer’s rationale for its actions. They will pinpoint what is needed to obtain a favorable result in the insurance dispute and gather the evidence required to win the case.

A great attorney will anticipate the insurance company’s potential response and construct a thorough record for a potential lawsuit if the insurance claim appeal is unsuccessful. It is also essential to choose an attorney whose legal practice is focused on handling insurance benefit claims. They should also have a track record of successfully resolving insurance disputes.

A less experienced insurance litigation attorney may not have the skill or knowledge to handle your case’s unique issues. Or, they won’t know how to prove that the insurance provider acted inappropriately.

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Our Insurance Lawsuit Attorneys Can Help With Your Case

While handling your insurance lawsuit or dispute alone is possible, selecting an experienced insurance litigation attorney to fight for you is usually best. When you choose a Wagner Reese insurance lawsuit attorney, you get a lawyer who is highly adept in insurance litigation and personal injury cases. Our experienced lawyers have the skill and knowledge to assist clients who want to sue insurance companies.

Our personal injury and insurance litigation lawyers have a proven record of obtaining excellent client results. For example, our attorneys have achieved the following case results recently:

  • $4 million auto accident wrongful death lawsuit.
  • $3 million truck accident settlement.
  • $1.5 million auto accident settlement.
  • $1.055 million pedestrian accident verdict.
  • $1 million truck accident settlement.

One of our founding partners, Stephen Wagner, has been named one of the Top 50 Personal Injury Attorneys in Indiana by Super Lawyers®. Wagner Reese will work tirelessly on your insurance lawsuit or dispute, fighting for the best case result. For questions and more information, please call us to discuss your insurance company lawsuit.