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has been repeatedly selected by his peers as an "Indiana Super Lawyer" and was awarded "Trial Lawyer of the Year" in 2006 by the Trial Lawyers Association. Stephen's law expertise are in the areas of personal injury, worker's compensation, civil rights, class action litigation and medical malpractice.

Vehicle Involved in Indy Father’s Death Was on Recall List

Synopsis A car that was on a recall list for safety defects rolled into a northern Indianapolis retention pond with a 3-year-old inside. While the little girl survived the March 25th accident due to her father’s bravery, he drowned after saving her. Unfortunately, recall issues related to gear shifts had not been addressed. In 2017, [...]

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Indiana Public Libraries are Getting a Security Upgrade

Synopsis The Indiana public library system has recently made news for its commitment to upgrade library security systems. While there have not been any incidents of violence or evidence of people using drugs or alcohol while in the building, the number of people who visit the library under the influence triggers unwanted and disruptive behavior [...]

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Parking Lots Are Common Locations for Car-Bicycle Accidents

Synopsis 2 in 5 accidents involve parking lots during the warmer seasons because of the increase of traffic, events, and more people traveling outside. Most parking lot accidents occur when a driver is turning into a parking lot or exiting one. Parking lots rules are similar to those on a roadway. The driver making a [...]

Choking Danger Prompts Recall of Popular Pacifier

Synopsis A popular baby pacifier holder, Dr. Brown’s Lovey, has been recalled after multiple reports of a design defect that poses a choking hazard. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission officials say the recall of more than 590,000 of the products was voluntarily led by manufacturer, Handi-Craft. The lovey pacifier and teether holders were sold at [...]

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Indiana Investing In Railroad Crossing Safety After Dangerous 2017

Synopsis The Hoosier state was home to 12 fatal motor vehicle-meets-train accidents, and 47 injuries and 101 collisions with trains in 2017, ranking sixth highest in the nation. State and Federal government have been proposing improvements to railroad safety for years, including House Bill 1002, aimed to improve crash-prone rail intersections across the state. In [...]

Slow Driving Can Lead to Congestion, Aggresive Driving By Others, and More Accidents

Synopsis Slow driving can be dangerous and lead to real traffic problems and contribute to accidents, especially if driving in the left lane. If a left lane driver is operating at a speed lower than most traffic, faster drivers then have to slow down and drive more erratically. Slow drivers also significantly raise drivers’ stress and [...]

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Three Pendleton Correctional Facility Officers Arrested for Beating Inmate

Synopsis At Pendleton Correctional Facility, three officers have been charged with battery, false reporting and felony misconduct for the beating of an inmate. Correctional facilities and jail staff still have a duty to their inmates to ensure the safety of those in their charge regardless of what crimes are committed that result in an individual [...]

7 Types of Accidents & Injuries to Avoid This Spring

Synopsis Spring has arrived. Let’s take the good with the not-so-good because we know warmer weather brings more accidents on the road or even more injuries to our family members at home. The personal injury attorneys at Wagner Reese want to reduce those accidents and injuries for all Hoosiers by helping prevent them in the [...]

7 Ways to Minimize Risk of Electrical Injuries to Indiana Construction Workers

Synopsis A review from Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigations of electrical injury incidents indicate that work inappropriately performed on energized equipment is associated with a growing share of electrical injuries, such as arc flash and arc blast, for workers who failed to recognize electrical sources. Many workers who experience a high-voltage injury, low-voltage [...]

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Amazon Recalls Dangerous Power Banks Due to Overheating Risks

Synopsis Six versions of portable lithium-ion battery chargers or power banks sold through AmazonBasics are being recalled because they can overheat and ignite. 260,000 of them were sold at, Amazon Bookstores and Amazon Pop-Up Stores from December 2014 through July 2017. So far there have been 53 reports of the power banks overheating in [...]

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