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Are Rottweilers Dangerous?

If a Rottweiler bit you in Evansville, you probably wonder if the breed is known to be dangerous. Unfortunately, history shows that this breed can be aggressive. In Illinois, an eight-year-old girl found out how dangerous this aggressive breed can be when a large Rottweiler attacked her. The girl had her ear torn off and her arm mangled, and it took several surgeries to repair the damage.

The Illinois attack is part of a troubling national trend. The Rottweiler breed is responsible for more deadly dog attacks in the US than any other breed other than pit bulls. The danger that Rottweilers pose to innocent Indiana citizens is borne out by examining these facts:

  • A 1997 CDC study determined that Rottweilers caused 29 human deaths in the previous 20 years. This was the second-most number of fatalities among all dog breeds.
  • A study in 2008 found that Rottweilers weren’t aggressive toward owners but were known to lash out at strangers.
  • Many dog owners state that while their Rottweilers aren’t dangerous to family, they can be highly protective against outsiders.
  • The Rottweiler breed has been banned in Ireland, Portugal, and Poland.
  • Another study found that Rottweilers are up to 10 times more likely to kill or disfigure someone than a typical dog.
  • Rottweilers are often large and muscular, giving them strength that can overwhelm a person.

Rottweiler Breed History

The Rottweiler breed stems from a strong dog breed – the Molossus – a kind of mastiff. The breed came from Germany; Romans originally used the Molossus to herd cattle. In the early 20th century, the Rottweiler and Leonberger Club was established, and the first Rottweiler standard was devised. The breed was renowned for its power and intelligence, and the US Army used it in defense and protection. The Rottweiler became the dog of choice for law enforcement, drug sniffing, and hunting down fugitives. They were prized for their strength, trainability, territoriality, and loyalty toward owners.

While many Rottweilers are amicable family companions, they sometimes show aggressiveness toward strangers. The breed is approximately the 17th most popular in the US, so many dog bite incidents have occurred. Safety comes down to training and how the family raises their dog, but it is certainly possible to be bitten by an aggressive Rottweiler. If a Rottweiler has attacked you, the Evansville dog bite attorneys at Wagner Reese are highly qualified to help you.

What Are Indiana’s Dog Bite Laws?

If a Rottweiler bit you in Evansville, whether you can obtain compensation for your injuries depends on the circumstances, how the law applies, and the skill of your lawyer. Indiana Code 15-20-1-3 states that a dog owner may be liable for your injuries if their dog bites you unprovoked if the dog is in a location where the dog owner’s duty of care applies.

Most US states have a one-bite rule or strict liability when determining who is at fault in a dog bite case. Strict liability means the dog owner is liable regardless of the animal’s history. The owner can still be liable for damages if the Rottweiler was not aggressive before.

The one-bite rule offers more leniency for the owner, only holding them responsible if they ‘should have known’ the dog could be aggressive. If the dog never hurt anyone before, it’s possible they could escape liability. But under the one-bite rule, the owner is liable for future aggressive action once the dog bites someone. The one-bite rule may apply in many Indiana dog-bite cases, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the owner can get off scot-free. You should have your dog bite case reviewed by an attorney to determine how the law could be applied.

Also, an Indiana dog owner can be charged with a Class C misdemeanor if they recklessly or knowingly failed to take proper steps to restrain their Rottweiler and the dog entered another person’s property and injured someone. They can receive up to 60 days in jail and up to $500 in fines if convicted. Note that any criminal case against the dog owner is separate from a civil lawsuit you may choose to file for your damages.

The best way to determine if you have a dog bite injury case is to contact a licensed Evansville attorney for a complimentary consultation.

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