• Spring has arrived. Let’s take the good with the not-so-good because
    we know warmer weather brings more accidents on the road or even more
    injuries to our family members at home.
  • The personal injury attorneys at Wagner Reese want to reduce those accidents
    and injuries for all Hoosiers by helping prevent them in the first place.
  • For example, we have pulled together some advice to help you avoid an accident
    while driving through a spring rainfall, getting your kids play equipment
    out, hitting the road for a family bike ride or commute to work, or even
    by scheduling a couple extra visits with a loved one in a nursing home
    to ensure they are healthy, safe, and happy all year round.
  • We have seven simple tips you can share with your friends and family to
    make this spring season safe and enjoyable for everyone.

7 Simple Ways to Protect Your Family from Injury This Spring

For some Hoosiers, springtime is the best time of year and we might tend
to agree. The snow is melting, kids are gearing up for a break from school,
there are more opportunities to get outside and enjoy warmer weather,
and the roads have cleared, making it easy to travel more and visit with
a loved one. If your family is ready for spring and have activities planned
to celebrate this new season, don’t forget to remind everyone of
the importance of safety with these seven tips from the personal injury
legal team at Wagner Reese.

1) Careful on The Road

Indiana springs are notorious for drenched, flooded, or wet roadways, leaving
some motorist in a desperate situation for help if they decide to drive
recklessly or haphazardly. One piece of advice that always warrants a
reminder is to turn off cruise control if you are driving on wet roads
(not yet flooded). The presence of water on the roads can unknowingly
increase your vehicle’s speed and put you at risk of creating a
wreck. In addition, during a spring downpour always increase the distance
between you and the vehicle in front of you and slow down. Once water
is sitting on the roadway, a hydroplane accident can happen at any time,
especially if you are speeding.

2) Clean Up Your Backyard Play Equipment

Consumer Product Safety Commission provides an analysis of injuries and deaths associated with playground
equipment. The most recent report showed that from 2009 to 2014, an alarming
66 percent of playground injuries and deaths occurred at home. That said,
emergency departments treat more than 200,000 children with injuries associated
with playground related injuries each year. So before you send the kids
out to play, ensure your home playground is safe for by checking for potential
hazards and following some simple safety guidelines and this easy checklist.

In addition, many playground accidents occur due to defects with the equipment
itself. If your backyard playground equipment is poorly designed or malfunctions,
the manufacturer could be held responsible under
product liability law and you and your family could have a case.

3) Ride Easy

Unfortunately, bicycle safety is something that can easily be overlooked,
especially with the excitement of the first warm weather ride of the year.
During the spring, more Indiana residents will be bicycling to commute
to work, for exercise, or just for fun. By law, these bicycles share the
same rights and responsibilities as motorized vehicles. It is important
for both bicyclists and motor vehicle drivers to be aware, alert, and
attentive to keep everyone traveling on Indiana roadways safe. Before
your first ride, review our suggested safety tips.

4) Plan A Nursing Home Visit

The thought of it is horrifying, but abuse and neglect of the elderly in
nursing homes occurs way too often. In fact, Indiana’s long-term
care is ranked as worst in the nation by AARP. This has happened due to
understaffing, inadequate training, over-worked employees and/or overall
negligent care. Plan a couple unexpected visits this spring to check-in
on your loved one. But also remember it is always a good time to evaluate
if they are still receiving the best care possible and ensure they are
healthy, safe, and happy.

5) Watch Out For Dogs

We know all too well that warmer temperatures sounds the opening bell of the
dog biting season. If a dog bites you, seek medical treatment immediately and try
to find out if the dog is current on vaccinations so you can report the
full incident to local animal control. Never agree or sign anything without
letting a lawyer review it first. Keep all important information and documentation
together like the names and contact information of people involved, witnesses,
medical records, incident reports, and a timeline of events.

6) Travel Safely Through Work Zones

The orange cones and bright colored signs are already covering Indiana’s
I-65 and the state has plans to keep road projects moving through the
spring and summer months. It is everyone’s responsibility to use
caution and common sense when driving through work zones. The travel can
be frustrating because it may take more time, but it is important to acknowledge
that it is actually the actions of most drivers that cause traffic patterns
to slow in work zones. Stay alert. Be Cautious. Practice courteous driving.

7) Check For Tip-Over Hazards

Spring cleaning is likely a top priority for most homeowners, and with
that will be the movement of large furniture. It’s important to
remember that although TVs are responsible for nearly 70 percent of the
tip over accidents each year in the U.S., they aren’t the only appliance
associated with this household hazard. On average, one child dies every
10 days when a TV OR furniture falls onto him or her. Secure your furniture.
Wagner Reese attorneys have covered this topic many times on the blog,
but we want to remind you again to protect your loved ones with these
TV and furniture tip over prevention tips.

Happy Spring! Please
share these tips with the people you care about.

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