Many Americans are interested in self-driving cars, which use cameras, sensors, AI, and radar to guide vehicles without human input. Interest in this fascinating technology is exploding, and one estimate states the global market for self-driving cars will exceed $2 trillion by 2030.

However, there have been reports of self-driving vehicle accidents and, sometimes, fatalities. Anyone injured in a self-driving vehicle accident should speak to an Indiana car accident attorney at Wagner Reese to determine if they have a case.

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The transition to self-driving cars could lead to new litigation and regulations, as state and federal laws try to protect people while encouraging innovation. This new technology could also lead to accidents and possible litigation.

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Overview of Self-Driving Car Technology

AI technology is at the heart of self-driving vehicles. Autonomous car manufacturers rely on machine learning, neural networks, and vast amounts of data from image recognition systems to design and manufacture self-driving cars. Neural networks pinpoint data patterns that are provided to machine learning algorithms. The data includes pictures from cameras mounted on the vehicle. The neural network uses this information to ‘see’ traffic lights, stop signs, curbs, cars, pedestrians, and other essential aspects of the environment.

Benefits and Challenges of Self-Driving Cars

The most crucial benefit that autonomous vehicle manufacturers tout is improved safety. A Department of Transportation study shows that 37,135 people died in auto accidents in 2017 alone. The NHTSA states that 94% of severe auto accidents are because of human error like cell phone distraction or drunk driving. Self-driving cars eliminate these risks. If self-driving cars can reduce the number of traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths, there could be enormous health and economic benefits for society.

On the other hand, self-driving vehicles must recognize a nearly infinite number of objects in the vehicle’s path: people, cars, trees, rocks, animals, branches, etc. Self-driving systems must make quick decisions about when to turn, slow down, accelerate, or brake. This is a severe challenge for software developers. Unfortunately, serious and fatal accidents can occur when the vehicle software makes mistakes in recognizing certain objects and obstacles.

Top 5 Self-Driving Car Manufacturers

Several large autonomous vehicle manufacturers are leading the way with this new technology:


Waymo is an Alphabet subsidiary that started developing self-driving cars over a decade ago. They state that their self-driving cars have driven over 20 billion test miles.

Waymo has at least 25,000 self-driving cars on the market, and the firm has made national headlines with its autonomous car services in San Francisco and Phoenix. However, their vehicles still require a human driver to monitor the self-driving software during its travels.


GM is one of the largest autonomous vehicle manufacturers in the US. The company bought the self-driving company Cruise several years ago, and Cruise started self-driving taxi services in San Francisco in 2021.

Cruise currently has an autonomous vehicle fleet of 300 cars, and the company states it will make $1 billion in total revenue by 2025. However, Cruise has hit a few speed bumps in the self-driving vehicle journey, including an NHTSA investigation in December 2022 that could spark a recall.


In 2021, Microsoft launched a partnership with Volkswagen and its CarSoftware Organization. Microsoft and Volkswagen are collaborating on an Automated Driving Platform based in the cloud. This platform relies on Microsoft Azure technology, allowing all vehicle developments to exist in the same cloud. Each self-driving car will be its own data source, and each vehicle’s autonomous features will be adaptable. This unique path could allow for self-driving technology to be developed faster.

Uber Technologies/Motional

Uber started developing self-driving vehicles in 2016. However, there were several legal issues regarding IP theft, and Uber stopped developing the technology. However, in 2022, Uber announced a fully autonomous rideshare service in partnership with Motional. It’s hoped that Motional will soon have a self-driving taxi service in Las Vegas and other cities.


Tesla’s name is synonymous with autonomous vehicles. Tesla started as a tech company focused on a better future for society and manufactured some of the first self-driving cars. Tesla has vehicles with full self-driving features, and there are about 160,000 customers who have the beta version of the automated software.

Tesla has had some legal issues, but the manufacturer is progressing with self-driving cars. But for now, drivers must still monitor the self-driving system.

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Our Indiana Auto Accident Attorneys Will Fight For Your Rights.

As of this writing, the firms mentioned above are the largest self-driving auto manufacturers, and many others are competing for market share in this booming space. Autonomous vehicle technology has great potential, and the possibility of reducing accidents and fatalities is real. However, as the technology evolves, it’s essential to have experienced Indiana car accident attorneys keeping up to date on the developments. Any victim in a self-driving auto accident could be entitled to compensation from the at-fault entity in a lawsuit.

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