Indianapolis Authorities Involved in Shooting of Unarmed Driver

Two officers are involved in an investigation authorities are describing
as a fatal officer-involved shooting of an unarmed man following a police
chase that happened on Thursday, June 29, 2017. The reported incident
occurred when two police officers stopped a driver about 1:45 a.m. near
Burdsal Parkway and East Riverside Drive. Shortly after, the driver and
his passenger quickly sped off and a police chase started. Moments later
a wreck occurred when the fleeing driver crashed his sedan into a fence
near the intersection of 23rd and Aqueduct streets. When the two officers
approached the driver they say they saw him reach down toward the center
console. It was at that time that the two officers fired their weapons
at the driver. The driver was pronounced dead at Eskenazi Hospital no
more than 30 minutes later. The investigation is ongoing.

How To Keep Everyone Safe When You Have Been Pulled Over

Fatal shootings of unarmed drivers have been controversial across the United
States. Many recent news reports have sparked outrage and concern over
police use of guns and lethal force. In addition, police officers may
be nervous since they never know what to expect when pulling a driver
over. The more a driver can do to appropriately address an officer’s
concerns, the more their own safety will be assured.

The attorneys at Wagner Reese recommend pulling over if a police vehicle
has approached you while traveling on a roadway, and we want to offer
a few ways to ensure your safety while you do so. The steps you take will
be important.

  • Don’t panic. Speeding up, evading and running from the police officer,
    or displaying erratic behavior will only land you in more trouble and
    likely in a wreck with serious injuries.
  • If you are uncomfortable pulling over in your current location, it is okay
    to find a safe spot. Turn on your flashers, slow down, and indicate that
    you are searching for a safe, well-lit or populated area in which to pull over.
  • A police officer can pull a driver over for any traffic violation, no matter
    how minor. However, a police officer cannot pull a driver over because
    of age, race or the type of car being driven. If a driver feels their
    legal rights are being violated, they can place a cell phone on the dashboard
    and hit “record” and should consider contacting an attorney
    to file a formal complaint.
  • If you suspect the car pulling you over may be someone impersonating an
    officer, it is completely acceptable to call 911 and ask if there is a
    legitimate officer dispatched in that area. They may be able to tell you
    if the person pulling you over is an officer. Even if they can’t
    tell you, they can stay on the line with you during your interaction and
    ensure your safety. Find a well-lit location to pull over, like a gas
    station or store parking lot.

Wagner Reese – Indiana Civil Rights Attorneys

Your safety is of the utmost importance; so
don’t take any risks if you are feeling wary about the situation. If you have any questions
about a recent stop by the police, the treatment you received or an arrest
you have experienced, the
civil rights and police brutality attorneys at Wagner Reese are here to answer your questions at (888) 204-8440.