Semi-truck drivers have a powerful responsibility to protect other drivers on the road from harm, as their massive vehicles can cause significant damage. When they fail to meet that responsibility, they may be held accountable through the civil justice system, or even face criminal charges for their actions. Such is the case with a semi-truck driver who allegedly caused a 9-vehicle semi-truck accident on I-65 last Sunday, killing two young women and a 1-year-old child in the crash. “It’s another really tragic commercial motor vehicle accident where the driver slams into a line of cars and causes havoc,” as quoted by attorney Steve Wagner in the Indy Star.

Facing three felony charges of reckless homicide, semi driver Mathew Lewis Small of Grandville, Michigan was booked into Boone County Jail shortly after an investigation by the local FACT team. According to the investigators, Small became distracted when he put down his coffee mug and ran into slowing traffic, hitting eight other vehicles on the highway.

Fourteen people were sent to the hospital with injuries as a result of the crash, while Mariah Tomey (21) and Kaylee Kirk (19) were both pronounced dead on the scene, as their vehicle had been pinned against the guardrail by the truck. It was later discovered that 1-year-old Hadley Tomey was also dead on the scene.

Holding Truck Drivers Accountable for Distracted Driving

More than 3,166 lives were lost in 2016 because of distracted driving, and those numbers have continued to increase with every passing year. While most cases of distracted driving involve cell phones, it’s possible for anything in the car or truck cabin to become a distraction – and ultimately cause a fatal accident. As commercially-licensed drivers who pilot unwieldy, massive vehicles, semi-truck drivers must be exceptionally vigilant against distracted driving, as this recent tragedy shows.

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