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Zimmer Biomet Vanguard Knee System Recalled for Patella Defects

Wagner Reese

Zimmer Biomet, LLC is one of the largest producers of orthopedic implants and Class III medical devices in the entire country, controlling up to 30% of the entire market share for hip and knee surgery implants by 2016. Unfortunately, many Zimmer Biomet products have turned out to be defective and dangerous – including their popular Vanguard Knee System, which has caused many people to become seriously injured.

At Wagner Reese, our seasoned defective medical device lawyers are taking on cases related to the Vanguard Knee System, specifically the Regenerex Patella components that have already caused so many injuries. Filing 6 new claims in Marion County over the last week alone, we’ve seen the toll of this defective device firsthand, and we’re committed to helping injured individuals recover compensation.

About the Vanguard Knee System  

Knee and hip replacements are some of the most common surgical procedures for individuals over the age of 60, when these crucial joints begin to fail. To ensure that patients can retain their lower body mobility, many doctors now recommend double knee replacement surgeries, relying on the advanced technology of modern knee replacement systems.

As advertised on the Zimmer Biomet website, the Vanguard Knee System promises to “allow surgeons to provide tailored patient care,” and to increase overall knee stability for patients. Offering “complete component interchangeability,” the Vanguard system is comprised of dozens of moving parts with different sizes and functions, to replicate the natural knee structure.

However, in February 2019, the FDA recalled two versions of the Vanguard Knee System which contained a part called the Series-A Standard Patella, in sizes 31mm and 34mm. Also known as the “Regenerex Three Peg Series-A Patella,” this particular component has caused multiple Vanguard Knee Systems to fail. Because the pegs on the Regenerex Patella have a tendency to fracture and migrate throughout the knee, many patients have reported extreme joint pain – and needed immediate surgical intervention.

Seeking Justice for the Injured

According to initial reports, Zimmer Biomet may not have sought the proper premarket approvals from the FDA, and did not secure a finding that the Regenerex Patella was safe for consumers. Additionally, this component is covered in a titanium coating that could release dangerous toxins and metal debris into patients’ knee joints, leading to years of chronic pain and other adverse symptoms.

If you or your loved one have been injured because of the Zimmer Biomet Vanguard Knee System, you’re not alone. Our experienced team at Wagner Reese will fight for justice and strive to secure maximum compensation from the negligent manufacturers at Zimmer Biomet. With decades of experience navigating the most complex medical product liability claims, we can stand up to major manufacturers and give a voice to your experiences.

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