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Disclocated Hips Can Happen in Rear End Collisions

Jason Reese


  • A serious hip or thigh injury can happen to people sitting in a car that has been rear-ended and the knee hits the dashboard or steering wheel, or from a serious side-impact hit.
  • Hip dislocation is the stretching or tears and sprains of muscles and ligaments in the hip and thigh, and it may also damage the nerves and create stiffness in the soft tissues of the lower back, hip, thigh and ankle.
  • It takes time—sometimes 2 to 3 months—for the hip to heal after a dislocation. The rehabilitation time may be longer if there are additional fractures and some therapies may require costly surgeries and recovery time away from work.
  • Delaying or denying treatment can lead to future problems, like osteoporosis, down the road.

Hip Dislocation Injury Should Not Be Ignored

Any injury following a motor vehicle accident should be taken seriously, but those who believe they may have a hip dislocated need to seek help immediately. Delaying or denying treatment can lead to future problems, like osteoporosis and completely ruin any chance for improved 100 percent future mobility.

Hip dislocations are usually caused by the knee being slammed into the dashboard, which creates an irregular placement of the hip. Individuals who experience a dislocation will know it immediately as they often express feeling their hip pop out-of-socket or out-of-place. When the hip dislocates, the ligaments, labrum, muscles, and other soft tissues holding the bones in place are often damaged, as well. The nerves around the hip may also be injured. With hip dislocations, there are often other related injuries, such as fractures in the pelvis and legs, and back, abdominal, knee, and head injuries.

Hip fractures, muscle strains or ligament sprains are common after a motor vehicle accident. While these injuries are far less severe than a dislocation or fracture, medical attention is still required. Pain, swelling, inflammation, and decreased range of motion are all common symptoms that, when left untreated, can lead to a life full of chronic pain and discomfort.

Recognize Hip Injuries and Seek Help

Hip injuries do not always present themselves immediately and can start off feeling like something else. In addition, adrenaline can cause a victim’s pain to present differently in the minutes after an accident. Once the rush subsides, pain will increase, and injuries seem to pop up within a couple of hours to even weeks later. If you start to produce some of these more serious symptoms identified by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, seek help.

  • Increased pain when you use the muscle
  • Swelling
  • Limited range of motion
  • Muscle weakness
  • None or limited feeling in the foot or ankle area
  • Difficulty walking or even standing

Immediate care and a visit to be assessed by a professional will reduce the chance of complications and provide the proper documentation needed to make a case for the incident.

Hold Reckless Drivers Accountable for Your Hip Related Injury

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