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Types of Broken Bones That Result From Car Accidents

Steve Wagner

It’s not uncommon to break a bone in a car accident; it’s not even that difficult when you think about how confined the spaces inside most cars are, the speed at which you are typically moving on the roadways, and the force of the impacts involved in most accidents.

Some broken bones are not a major ordeal, heal fairly well on their own, and cause minimal damage or pain. Others can be incredibly painful, require multiple, expensive surgeries, and leave you with lifelong chronic issues as a result. Depending on where the break is, and the severity of the injury, you could be entitled to compensation to cover the broken bone you suffered in your car accident.

What Type of Bone Fracture Did You Suffer?

The types of bone fractures are almost as varied as the ways people can get into car accidents. When your doctor diagnosed your bone break, which of these injuries did he mention?

  • A Simple Fracture: this is the type of bone break where the skin remains in tact.
  • A Compound Fracture: with a compound fracture, the bone tears skin. These breaks often require corrective surgeries.
  • A Hairline Fracture: these fractures are minor, and sometimes aren’t even noticeable at first. Very small, and typically heal on their own.
  • An Avulsion Fracture: These fractures involve the separation of the broken bone from the surrounding tendons or ligaments. These often require corrective surgery.
  • A Buckle Fracture: More common in children with bones that aren’t fully developed, a buckle fracture is when a bone bends or “buckles” but doesn’t actually break.
  • A Transverse Fracture: These fractures are when the bone actually breaks off into two pieces.
  • An Oblique Fracture: Probably the most uncommon type of fracture, this is when two bones twist diagonally across each other.
  • A Comminuted Fracture: This is when a bone is completely crushed or shattered.

Car Accident Bone Fractures

Bone fractures and injuries are so commonplace in car accidents, because of the types of impacts people usually experience. It’s possible to break a bone anywhere in your body. In a car accident (or pedestrian accident where you are struck by a vehicle), you can sustain a skull fracture, limb fractures, hip and pelvis fractures, rib fractures, and even joint fractures.

Did You Break A Bone in A Car Accident? Call Wagner Reese

If you suffered a bone injury in a car accident or pedestrian accident, and you incurred medical bills from the resulting treatments, surgeries, medications, and more, you may be entitled to compensation above and beyond what insurance originally paid you.

Call the personal injury attorneys at Wagner Reese if you have questions about your accident. We offer free consultations, and do not collect any fees until we’ve secured compensation for you and the injuries you’ve sustained. You can reach our offices at (888) 204-8440 to schedule a time with us.


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