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Indiana Lawyer & Attorney Referrals

The lawyers at Wagner Reese are frequently brought into complicated or difficult plaintiffs’ cases by other attorneys. We receive referrals from Indiana defense attorneys with conflicts of interest, solo or small practitioners who want to outsource cases involving significant attorney hours, large law firms seeking representation for their best clients, and out-of-state attorneys looking for a local lawyer.

In addition, we accept many of our cases on a referral and co-counsel basis, paying referral and co-counsel fees per the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct.


Video Transcript

Steve Wagner: Hi. I’m Steve Wagner.

Jason Reese: And I’m Jason Reese. Steve and I have been law partners for almost 20 years now, representing families in injury, malpractice, wrongful death, and complex tort litigation.

Steve Wagner: We started our law firm actually sharing a single desk in a crowded two room office. We’ve now grown to the point where we just opened a state-of-the-art office building to serve the growing needs of our clients and referral partners throughout the State of Indiana. And now we both have our own desks fortunately.

Jason Reese: That’s true. As our firm has grown, one thing has stayed the same. We understand the value of relationships and we base our practice on referrals from other attorneys like you. Of course, it wasn’t easy in the beginning because we were young attorneys that didn’t have a track record yet.

Steve Wagner: Over the years, we’ve worked hard to build that record. Through his trial victories and notable settlements, Jason has earned the respect of his colleagues, recently being named a top 50 law in the State of Indiana as voted on by his peers. Having watched him all these years, I know what his secret sauce is.

Jason Reese: Uh oh.

Steve Wagner: He’s a deposition assassin.

Jason Reese: Steve, on the other hand, has a different reputation, that’s being a tenacious litigator. When our firm came up with our motto of, call us when the stakes are the highest, it was really referring to the number of cases Steve has handled over the years. In fact, he was named trial lawyer of the year for a very high profile case he handled on a police shooting death.

Steve Wagner: All right. All right. Enough about us. We know you’ve worked hard to build your own reputation and will no doubt have the opportunity to represent injury and wrongful death victims.

Jason Reese: So whether you regularly handle a volume of personal injury cases or have one huge, what could be a career case come your way, we’re here to partner with you. Now in Indiana, we know you can choose from a number of qualified firms to co-counsel with, but we offer two significant advantages, flexibility and a generous fee share arrangement.

Steve Wagner: Look. We recognize that not all cases are the same. If you have a small case and you want to simply refer it to us and wait for a standard one third referral, that’s not a problem. However, if you have a significant case, a career case, you deserve more than the standard one third referral.

Jason Reese: And that’s where our flexibility comes in. We can work together on a case and split the fee evenly under the right circumstances. Here’s what we’ve learned. The bottom line is, over the past four or five years, we’ve paid out millions of dollars in referral fees, gladly, happily, and we plan to continue to do so over the next 20 years. Of course, we’ll do that in strict accordance with the ethical rules, which means your law firm is always on the fee contract. The fee split is disclosed to our mutual client, and the client signs off in writing.

Steve Wagner: If you partner with us on a personal injury or wrongful death case, we’re going to make three promises to you. First, you’re going to be proud of the work that we do for your client. Second, we’re going to keep you well informed. In fact, we have a dedicated staff member whose job it is to keep you informed and tell you when the case will be resolved and what we believe the fee will be. And third, we always pay our referring attorneys the agreed upon fee.

Jason Reese: So call us today to discuss your case. We’d love to meet with you. We’re here to help and we’re here to partner with you.

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