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Who is Syngenta

Farmers in at least 14 states are now filing lawsuits against the world’s second leading agriculture corporation, Swiss-owned company, Syngenta.

Syngenta is responsible for the production of genetically modified seed-products, as well as agricultural chemicals, and they are second in the business against the leading American manufacturer, Monsanto.

According to dozens of farmers who purchased, planted, and then tried to sell Syngenta’s genetically altered corn product, Syngenta is responsible for huge fiscal losses to hundreds of American farmers, a direct result of bad marketing and misrepresentation.

Syngenta Corn Lawsuit Indiana

Viptera MIR162 – A Crop-Threatening Choice

In 2010, Syngenta released Viptera MIR162 to the market. Viptera is a genetically modified corn-seed product, designed to be more resistant to black cutworms and corn earworms, two of the biggest pest threats to American corn crops.

However, Syngenta marketed the GMO corn seed as being on the verge of approval with all major buyers. Some sources say they “aggressively promoted Viptera while misrepresenting that Chinese approval was imminent”.

Syngenta Corn Price Drop

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Chinese purchase of American corn crops were predicted to top $1.14 Billion in 2013-2014

While Syngenta marketed their Viptera product as nearly having received approval in every major country, the truth was that China refused to approve the product, and ended up not approving it at all until December of 2014.

Without the sale of American corn crops to China, U.S. farmers lost billions of dollars in profit, and the result was that American corn prices dropped by over $0.11 per bushel.

Impacting Farmers and the American Economy

Estimates from The National Grain and Feed Association state that the American corn industry totalled losses of approximately $2.9 billion as a direct result of the Syngenta-Viptera complications.

Not only did this leave the U.S. with a gross overproduction problem, but it also caused crop prices to plummet, and kept billions of dollars out of our national economy.

Were You One of the Farmers Impacted?

  • Did you purchase Viptera seed between 2010 and 2014, under the impression that approval with major buyers like China was imminent
  • Did you produce a Viptera crop, under the impression from Syngenta that lacking sales to China wouldn’t significantly impact profits?
  • Were you one of the hundreds of American farmers who lost significant income due to the drop in corn prices and the refusal of Chinese approval of Viptera?
  • Were your crop sales negatively impacted by the significant price drop, due to the oversupply issues that resulted from Viptera, whether or not you planted Syngenta seeds?

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