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Victim Compensation for Indiana State Fair Injury Claims

In August of last year, there was a tragic accident at the Indiana State Fair. During the concert portion of the fair, a 60 mph wind gust rose and the stage rigging collapsed into the crowd of spectators. Seven people were killed and 58 others were injured in the midst of this severe accident.

As a result of this catastrophe, the people who sustained injuries, and the families of some who were killed, worked together to bring a lawsuit against Sugarland (the band scheduled to perform that evening). The lawsuit claimed that Sugarland needed to be held responsible for some of the medical and hardship expenses for those injured and killed. Sugarland’s contract stated that they had the final say in whether or not the show should be cancelled due to inclement weather.  The lawsuit was brought against not only the performing duo, but also against their staff, their stage riggers and others associated with putting on the performance, stating that had they had been more concerned for the concert-goers, they would have cancelled the show. There was also speculation that the stage rigging might have been unstable.

This lawsuit has not been settled yet, so the outcome is unknown. In the mean time, those who were injured or left with incurred medical costs have been awarded monies from a state fund set up by Governor Mitch Daniels. Originally, the injury claims filed from the accident totaled $2.8 million, but the victims have so far only received $1.8 million. Governor Daniels has recently appealed to the legislature to allot more money for those injured or the families of those killed from the accident. The bill would allow for more than a million dollars to be added to the reimbursement fund for the families.

If you have been the victim of an accident such as the state fair stage collapse where you incurred a personal injury or were affected by the death of a loved one, the personal injury lawyers of Wagner Reese may be able to help you. You may be eligible to receive victim compensation to help with your medical expenses and your emotional trauma.

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