Top Reasons Your Workers' Compensation Claims may be Denied

The Risk of A Denied Work Comp Claim

It’s true: not every work comp claim gets paid out. In an effort to curb incidents of those who take advantage of the system, over-cautious steps are often taken to…

Motorcyclist Anthony Whitehead Seriously Injured in I-94 Hit-and-Run

Police Searching For Driver of Silver Toyota Camry

Early last week, police were dispatched to an accident off of Eastbound I94, close to the Niles Road overpass. The hit & run accident occurred when an eastbound vehicle struck…

Ex-UC Football Player, Bernard Hicks, Files Medical Malpractice Claim

Former UC Berkeley Player Sues School

In what seems to be an unprecedented lawsuit, ex-UC Berkeley football player is suing the school for medical malpractice. Yes, you heard that right…he’s suing the school for medical injuries….

Corn GMO Giant Syngenta Breaks Ground on New Seed Facility

Corn GMO Giant, Syngenta is Breaking Ground – New Seed Facility in Minnesota

Despite the fact that they are in the midst of litigation that will likely cost them billions of dollars, Syngenta is ignoring the needs of the American farmer and pressing…

Popular Myths About Workers' Compensation Injury Claims

Do You Believe These Myths About Workers’ Compensation?

1 – An employer’s’ responsibility is over after a compensation claim is paid. We believe that an employer should begin their most important work after an employee has been awarded…

The Truth About Doctor's Medical Malpractice Insurance Premiums

The Truth About Medical Malpractice Insurance Premiums

Are medical malpractice claims really to blame for ballooning insurance premiums for doctors, and rising healthcare costs? A recent study by Dartmouth health economist, Amitabh Chandra, Ph.D. showed that the…

Ten Dangerous Indianapolis Intersections for Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accident Site Investigations – Where is it Dangerous?

A local non-profit organization has taken on a project to protect and prevent pedestrian accidents in the city of Indianapolis by identifying some of the biggest problem areas for crashes….

Despite Syngenta's Mounting Corn Lawsuits, BASF Plans Takeover Bid

BASF is Planning a Takeover Bid in Spite of Mounting Corn Lawsuits

If you thought Monsanto was certainly going to take over Syngenta, well, there’s a new horse in the running. BASF, the German based agricultural chemical company has secured financing in…

Nancy Cripe and Mary Jo Dimitt Killed in Car Accident Near Kokomo

Nancy Cripe and Mary Jo Dimitt Killed By Drunk Driver

Two elderly women were killed in Howard County, IN last week after a tragic car accident involving an allegedly drunk driver. According to reports, 21-year-old Deryn Johnson fled from police…

How Will Recorded Surgeries Affect Medical Malpractice Claims?

Will Recording Surgeries Give Assistance to Medical Malpractice Claims?

It’s no surprise that doctors are opposed to having a “black box” or a recording device in the operating rooms with them, but should their opposition dictate the rights of…